Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009 & g5 Weekend Update

We had a nice Easter weekend. We did the usual. Hid Easter eggs, colored Easter eggs, had a huge caloric meal and went to church.

Friday, since our helper Jamie was here with her kiddos, we decided to dye eggs and do a preliminary egg hunt. We gave Jamie's kids some goodies. It was a fun day, but we all missed Javi. Javi was visiting with his dad who was in town from the CHP academy.

My mom came in to town on Saturday and since we were sharing Javi this holiday weekend, we decided to do our Easter on Saturday. We did the big meal, ham au gratin potatoes and stuffing! Then I made a dutch apple pie for dessert, yum! We did the egg hunt and the Easter bunny came with the baskets. Loads of sugar for my little bunnies ;0)

Sunday, we met our friends the Pomiak family at church. Kaylee didn't quite make it through the mass, but did surprisingly well considering that we were there about 30 minutes before mass started and then made it through 45 minutes of the service. T hen we came home and had leftovers and watched a movie together. I had a mountain of dishes from the day before to catch up on and I tried to clean up a bit, since I have been down for the count with pneumonia most of the week. I crashed out around 7pm. I was feeling pretty run down from the busy weekend. I don't think my body was quite ready to get back to a regular routine, because I woke up this morning feeling sick all over again.

So, back to the doc for me, I think. I am guessing that it's viral pneumonia and that's why the antibiotics didn't work too well.

Here's all the pics from the weekend....

Hope you had a fab Easter weekend!!


~Mama Skates~ said...

love the OCD egg dying - u put my chaos 2 shame! ;0) & that ham looks sooooo good! one day i'm gonna get 2 try out the culinary talents of chef shanna - & i can't wait!!! ;0) glad u guys had a good easter & the kiddos were well - hoping u get that way soon...take care of urself & feel better girl!


Wendy said...

Fun pictures:) Look how organized you are with your egg! Glad you had such a nice Easter.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I props on the Martha Stewart egg coloring setting! We postponed our Easter fun til' this weekend...and I'm still not sure it'll include hardboiled eggs?!