Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad Blogger/Good Blogger

Ok, besides the fact that the entire house has been sick at one time or another for the last month, I have been a bad blogger lately. There hasn't been a whole lot of exciting stuff going on, since we have barely left the house.

The other reason I have been bad is my newly discovered iPhone application, Kindle for iPhone!

I kind of vowed during lent that I would make more of an effort to read in my downtime, instead of watch TV. I now have cheap access to 1000's of books that can be delivered to my phone wirelessly in seconds. Muahahaha! The power!

I have pretty much stopped watching TV all together. In the last month, I have read about 12 books, including my ever faithful audiobooks I love so much while I do my chores.

Some people have been curious about the size of the screen. How can I read on such a small screen? It's actually easier than a book and I have it with me where ever I go, so I don't have to cart a book around.

What a typical page looks like. Text size is adjustable. I can make it larger or smaller, but the default is perfect. Yes, this is one of my kooky new age books. I've been facinated by that subject lately.

The controls appear with one tap of the screen and you turn the page by sliding your finger across the screen.

Now, reasons for me to be a good blogger...

Found this great application in the iPhone Application Store called BlogPress. Now I can manage and post easily from my phone. I can include multiple pics, tag and edit previous posts and save a new post as an offline draft. Best $2.99 I ever spent! Cheaper than a Starbucks and works much better and faster then using Blogger's slow web application I love so much! NOT!! I flat out have refused to post pics that are not embedded objects or processed thru email. It takes too long and stuff fails half the time.

Here's a screen shot

Seriously, is there anything these phones can't do? My laptop is starting to get dusty. If I can't do it from my phone these days, I basically can't do it. Kaylee is not big on me having laptop time.

-- Post From My iPhone


~Mama Skates~ said...

wow, that makes me so jealous of ur iphone! ;0) too cool!

Wendy said...

ahhh...thank you so much for my new obsession!! I love love love love it:) Now I need a car charger for my iPod so I can bring it on long trips! I'll have to look into the blogger app as well:)

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm such a lazy bum! Other than blogs...and zines...I haven't read much of anything else recently!


Anonymous said...

There's no place like iPhone ;)

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

I don't have an i-phone but something similar, and i too have been awful about getting on the actual computer lately. way to go on all of the books!