Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poor Javi

Still going through the motions of finding Javi a new placement. I have a meeting with the principal of the prospective new school where I will also get to take a look at how the class is run and meet the teacher. I am hoping that this will be a good placement for Javi, otherwise, I think we may have to go to homeschooling.

Javi has been pretty sick for the last couple days. Today, he had a fever of 103. He has barely gotten out of bed or eaten much for the last two days. As if all the school trauma and turning his whole little world upside down wasn't enough.

I know I was pretty vague at best about what was going on, but Javi has basically been on a behavioral downward spiral at school over the last, well, since the beginning of the year actually. The "experts" kept trying to tell us that he just needed more time to adjust, which clearly wasn't the case. The last straw was the two referrals and an in school suspension with in two weeks time. At that point, we decided enough was enough. I pulled him out of school until we could make other arrangements. It was against their suggestion, but at that point, I was not going to continue to further subject Javi to an environment that clearly isn't right for him. They were just not equipped to handle Javi's needs and they lacked the understanding of ASD to be able to work with him.

We have also taken Javi off the GF part of his diet, for now (maybe we'll try again someday?). It was just making him to angry. He didn't like being different at school or different at home or different from his friends. The anger Javi has been suffering with has just been so overwhelming, that we didn't want to further traumatize him by keeping him on it. He has made it no secret that he doesn't really like being on a diet, but who does? It did help him, but the benefits were outweighed by the anger issues.

We are planning to take Javi to an ASD psychologist to help him work some of the issues he has been having lately. We have seen a glimmer of the old Javi here and there since he started staying home with me last week.

I just wish there was more I could do for him. I wish I had a crystal ball that could tell me exactly what to do to make his life easier or more comfortable.

Well, until tomorrow. Thinking positive and hoping that the class I visit tomorrow will be the right place for him.


~Mama Skates~ said...

good luck 2moro - praying that it's the perfect fit! my heart aches 4 the poor guy - he's going thru so much! jaden's been asking about him lately...we kinda fell off with the videos (my fault - too much craziness lately) & he misses javi...he keeps occasionally asking me about having him over 4 a sleepover too - one day! ;0) keep up updated...we're praying 4 u guys!

JSmith5780 said...

Poor Javi- so much for one little boy to handle. I hope things go well today and this school will be a perfect fit for him!!

Jonathan said...

Oh gosh babe...I can't imagine how stressed out you feel. Sometimes as parents we're faced with these huge challenges...and it honestly it feel impossible to move through it. I'll be crossing fingers that all goes well with the new school. That you feel comfortable...and Javi does too! If you're anything like me...there's gonna be some major trust issues moving forward! *smile* If...and trust me this is a HUGE if...but if you guys decide that homeschooling is best for Javi know that I'm here to bounce stuff off of. It's not easy. But then again...I LOVE having my kiddos close by. I LOVE the relationship Toby & I have because we're together so much. And there are SO many rescources out there for homeschoolers now. There might even be an ASD group? Anyway...lots to think & pray through!

Love you sweets! Wish I lived closer!