Friday, March 20, 2009

Javi's New School

We are very pleased to announced that Javi will be starting school at Garden Road Elementary this Monday! Hooray! I went to check out the placement yesterday. It was so awesome to watch the teacher work with the students, I nearly cried. I just knew that this placement would be great for Javi and that he would be well matched to make friends easily. I knew right away that he would pair particularly well with a couple of the boys and one of the girls. Yep, two girls are in the class!! That is the most Javi has ever had. He will be one of the two third graders in the 2/3 class, but that's fine with Javi. He doesn't care much about the kids ages.

The teacher had already prepared a letter and a social story for Javi, even before we decided. She also had told the students about Javi and they were sooooo excited to have a new friend joining the class.

We are so happy that he will fit in nicely with the kids and that they will mainstream and accommodate Javi's needs.


~Mama Skates~ said...

awww, that's so awesome! i hope he soars!!!


winspears said...

That is terrific! I hope it all goes well! :) I love Garden Road!!!

Jonathan said...

I can feel the excitement & relief oozin through the cyber-sphere!



JSmith5780 said...

What a relief. I am so haappy for you. Can't wait to hear what Javi has to say after today!

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

that is definitely a relief!! can't wait to hear how his first week goes. i just know this will be the perfect place for him. what an angel his teacher sounds like too.