Friday, January 23, 2009

Trip to Dr. Neuro

This was another easy appointment.  We've had a lot of appointments, but thank goodness they have been easy!  Kay got a clean bill of health from Dr. Neuro.  We are still scheduling her repeat MRI, since it's been a while since she had one (last time was when she was 5 weeks old).  He said he would like to see her pick up in the development department, but otherwise is satisfied with her progress.  He thinks with continued therapy that things will pick up.  He definitely recommended adding speech therapy to her regime.  

We have also decided to switch AED meds.  We are going to scale off the Topamax and try Trileptal. The Topamax has worked great, but the doc and I feel pretty confident that she has beaten the IS, FINALLY!  Yay!! We believe that the Topamax may be effecting her speech, since her cognitive skills are fantastic, but she just doesn't talk much.  She says less than 10 words at 18 months.  The only way to see if it's seizure or drug related is to switch things up.  We are also hopeful that she will finally grow some hair too (hair loss is another Topamax side effect).  Not that her baldy little head isn't cute, but it's sad when she wants to put bows in and brush her non-existent hair.  She rests all my ponytail bands and barrettes on top of her head and does a kind of "TA-DA".  It's cute ;)  So, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the drug store we go this afternoon.  Hoping we don't get any static from the insurance company with the new drug, like we did with the Keppra.  Doc said he has had good luck with insurance companies and Trileptal, so we shouldn't have a problem.  So we begin our three week scale down today.  Here's the schedule:

Week 1- 3 pills at each dose time, 90mg per day
Week 2- 2 pills at each dose time, 60mg per day.
Week 3- 1 pill at each dose time, 30mg per day.

All the while she will be going up on the Trileptal.  So fingers crossed everyone!  The Trileptal seems to have pretty much the same side effects as the Keppra, which were minimal, so we are hopeful it will work.

On a side note about Dr. Neuro...we got Javi's EEG scheduled to get him checked out.  He will have a few hour, sleep deprived EEG in March.


~Mama Skates~ said...

awesome news again - u're on a roll! love the ta-da hair bow story - what a doll! i hope this new stuff works just like it's supposed to, with minimal side effects! i didn't know u could b rid of IS? that's interesting - go kaylee!

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

hope this new med does the trick for you. it's such a medication roller coaster sometimes. she sounds like such a cutie pie.

baby trevor's mommy said...

you're always SO calm. I freak with every new thing...switching meds included! lol But I'm SO happy for you! And Kay! She's beautiful!