Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ethan's IEP Update

Ethan's first annual IEP was by far the easiest ever! He met one goal and made and made partial progress on the rest of them.  I had met with his teacher yesterday afternoon, so we had gone over everything that we were going to go over in the IEP, which by the way, is the most FANTASTIC idea!!  His new goals are all social and speech/communication related and they are very appropriate for Ethan.  I really got a sense that they know Ethan and have an very good understanding of his needs.  The team also has a firm sense of the things that he is really good at as well.  They have decided to increase Ethan's speech therapy to twice a week, instead of once.  Ethan has been doing really well with his communication and recently had a burst in development, but they would like to really work with him now that he is really opening up.  Keep that momentum going, lil man.

For now, Ethan will keep his placement and we do plan to have him in Ms. Danielle's class next year as well.  He is also eligible for the summer extended school year program.

I just wish things were always this easy when it comes to an IEP. 


baby trevor's mommy said...

It sounds like things are moving for Ethan! I'm SO happy! You can't beat having a team that sees your child as an individual...and works with him!


~Mama Skates~ said...

go ethan go!!! great news - i ♥ positive IEP meetings!!!

Mark Grimes said...

So glad Ethan has Ms. Danielle next year - She is such a wonderful teacher!