Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Tuesday Activity

An old friend of mine had invited me to go for a walk/jog around Lake Miramar.  Kaylee and I were happy to oblige.  As it turns out, she couldn't make it, so Kay and I had a nice walk/jog on our own.  We rescheduled with my friend for next Tuesday, but I think we will make it a regular thing.  We can go straight from physical therapy to the lake.  

It is a beautiful 5 mile walk.  

This is the point where I started to run.  I had planned to run at the 3 mile marker, but there was no 3 mile marker, so this had to do.

This last and only straight away before you reached the parking lot. Has a beautiful view of San Diego.  You can see all the way to the beach on a clear day, which is about 16 miles away.

Kaylee slept through the whole ride and woke up at the end.  I ended up having to walk a bit during that last stretch.  I really need some arch supports for my flat feet.  Mark says it's because I'm old

A few more things regarding Kaylee.  As it turns out, we are holding off on the orthotics for now.  Yay!  One less thing to fight her on.  Her new meds are going well so far, but we haven't completely taken her off the Topamax, so we won't know for sure until a month or so from now.

I will be starting a parent training speech therapy class that is funded through the regional center beginning on Monday night.  It's a nine week course, so I'm hoping it will be helpful in working with Kay.  That in combination with scaling off of the Topamax (which can cause issues with speech), we are hoping to get Kaylee really talking in no time.  She is probably at about a 12 month level for speech, so it's not too bad.  She says about eight words consistently, including Mama & Dadda.  So we'll see how that goes.

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baby trevor's mommy said...

haha @ Mark calling you old!

Honestly...that sounds so wonderful! I can't wait til' we thaw & Trevy & I can go walking again!

btw...since we came off of the Zonisamide Trev's speech has picked up! He's been saying & signing "eat" which is a new word! In the appropriate place! And his receptive speech is looking better too!