Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Blades

Ok, so I'm sure you are probably getting tired of hearing about my sun filled outdoor California work outs, but here's one more. Mama got some inline skates!! Hopefully I won't irritate my old elbow injury with a fall. I went to the sporting goods store and bought a new pair. I had tossed over whether or not to buy a used pair. I shopped around online and found that a used pair of really good skates would probably run me about the same as a good pair of used. I went ahead and purchased some new and decided to go to Lake Miramar to test them out. I have been wanting another pair for a while, but really got motivated after seeing the bladers at the lake. Well, on my way to the lake, I discovered there was a Play It Again Sports (they sell used sporting equipment). I had checked on their website this morning, but they didn't have prices and I thought the nearest one was 30 min away.  I thought,  I may find a decent pair for $10-$20 cheaper, it's worth a look. I did find a nice pair of K2's for $29 in my size and decided to go ahead with them. Brand new, they retailed at $200. They fit so much nicer and I really noticed a huge difference in the stability and the way they rolled. Plus, they are nice and broken in, which actually reduces a risk for falls. So, the new ones will be going back this afternoon.

I'm usually a little weird about buying used shoes, but in this case, I was willing to just go with it for the reduced fall risk and the cost factor, should I become disinterested quickly ;)

I am still glad I went to the sporting goods store, because I was also able to purchase my long overdue arch supports for my running shoes!! No more achy feet and back!

Tonight's Family Science Night at Javi's school and it's also Ladies' Dinner & a Movie with my friend, Natalie. Busy night tonight!

Have a great day!

Kay was pretty tuckered out watching mommy do all the hard work ;) She feel asleep some where in the middle of the work out, all hunched over.  Someone stopped me and I was able to lay the jogger back a little more.

All done!  Sitting in my trunk enjoying the few & cooling down.


~Mama Skates~ said...

wow - u're soooo motivated! i love skating - didn't realize how much i was missing it...not sure if i'll get back into inlines like i was back in the day - but it's fun 2 go with the kiddos 2 the rink on the weekends...we're going again sunday! what a great way 4 u & kaylee 2 get out & enjoy the sunshine 2gether - i'm soooo jealous!

Jonathan said...

Totally sick of sunny CA! *wink* But it sure looks fun...

The two of you are so adorable!


JSmith5780 said...

I'd probably break something if I tried inline skating... roller skating, sure. Of course I'm not sure my feet/ankles could even handle roller blading. Aside from flat feet, and numerous sprained ankles, I have had surgery on both feet which left me even worse off I think. But you do a nice workout for me! :)

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

So jealous of your nice weather!! I've never been on a pair of in lines..I would probably break my neck since I trip walking barefoot. Can i send my flabby behind for you to skate off??

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