Sunday, January 25, 2009


As I originally thought, they did give him pizza. The excuse was we
didn't blatently say "Do not give him any food". We had said back in
October that he could have treats at school, but apparently the 5 or
so times we had asked if they noticed a difference in his behavior
since being on the diet FULL TIME since October was not descriptive

What I don't get is, if they were unsure, why not call? We also did
not get notice on the day the pizza party would be, only that it would
happen last week. We assumed Friday, since it was also "pajama day"
but, apparently we learned the hard way that assuming makes an a$$ out
of u & me.

Something I hope I have made abundently clear now is : Do not give him
ANY food with out verifying it with us!!!! Also, in the future we'd
like a two day notice of any special food treats. I know this is
possible because the regular ed teachers can manage special diet
concerns, so the special ed teacher shouldn't have a problem.

I am feeling like because she doesn't feel the diet is working and
because she seems to have little regard for Javi, it isn't a priority.
I will be putting in a call to the program specialist tomorrow to
report this incident.

Shanna Grimes
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JSmith5780 said...

Gosh, to be undermined by a teacher. That is so disrespectful!

Hope Javi had a better weekend.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh girl...go get em'! I don't care what the heck she thinks...Javi is YOUR child...YOUR taxes are paying her have every right to be involved in his care! Grrrrrrrrr...see this is why I'm so conflicted about homeschool vs. pub. I have too much on my plate (as do you) anyway to have battles like this too!


~Mama Skates~ said...

wow, what a wench! & didn't u say that even javi reminded them that he was on the GFCF diet?! let her try & pull that careless stunt on a kid with serious food allergies - shoud b treated with the same respect as javi's diet! get em girl!!!