Monday, January 26, 2009

G5 Weekend Report

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!  We sure did. 

Friday night, we hung out at home.  Mark had gone in to the office for the first time in a couple weeks, so I decided to cook a special dinner.  It was a Pinoy feast!  I made lumpia and pancit.  It was my first attempt.  I made chili sweet sauce to go with the lumpia.  Yum!!  The lumpia was great, but the pancit, not so much.  I have never used rice sticks before, so I think I may have over cooked them.  They were a little gummy.  I'll have to get some advice from my neighbor who made us a Philippine Feast a couple weeks ago for next time.  Otherwise, the flavor was good.

Saturday, Kaylee and I went out shopping with a neighbor friend of mine.  The boys stayed home to play video games.  Mark has been working a lot lately, so it was nice to get some male bonding time in with Ethan.  We were supposed to go to this great resale place, but it was closed so we got lost in Cost Plus World Market for a couple hours.  I love that store!  I did purchase a gift for the bday party we were attending that evening, which was a Twilight theme.  

Rushed home to get dressed in my vamp gear.  Did the whole undead thing with the makeup ;) Wore all black, the whole nine yards.  Kay was my little vamp baby.  She wore her punk rock cute little outfit.  Looks like something from L.A.M.B., Gwen Steffani's kids' line.  My little cutie.  I was running late, so I forgot my camera.  I don't have any pics :(  My friend Natalie took some pics, so I will just have to wait on the pics.  We had fun at the party.  They had everything all decorated to theme.  Complete with themed food ;)  Wooden spears of meat (kabobs), bleeding red velvet cupcakes, Type O- and O+ blood on tap (sangria), just to name a few...Kaylee was tuckered out by 9pm, so we headed home.  It was a twilight party, so of course, that's when it began, so she lasted for quite a few hours.  

The boys had a great boys night in.  They ate junk, played and watched movies.  I didn't want to take Ethan, just in case he was scared by the costumes.  He doesn't like parties much, so he said he wanted to stay home with daddy anyway.

Sunday was a lazy day.  It felt great!!!  Don't remember the last time I was that lazy.  We laid around all day and watched movies.  I didn't do one single productive thing except feed everyone.   We had a "carpet picnic".  Ethan, Kaylee and I packed a picnic basket full of goodies and laid out a plaid blankey on the carpet.  It was fun to pretend we were out at the park.  We tossed the ball around too just like at the park and we made origami too.  It was too gloomy and patchy rain to have a real picnic, so it was the next best thing ;)  

I made some yummy loaded baked potato soup for Sunday dinner.  It was d'lish!!  I'll have to write out the recipe sometime before I forget it.  I improvised as usual!

Hope your weekend was nice and relaxing too.  Have a great week!!

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~Mama Skates~ said...

LOVE those kinds of weekends! we've been enjoying a lot of those w/e's lately! ;0)