Friday, October 10, 2008

We're home!

It appears the new dosage worked very well. We tried to force an event with drug deprivation, but nothing of any real significance occurred. There were a couple blips here and there, but nothing like she was having for the last few days. Isn't that Murphy's Law?! This is a time when we really like Murphy! We are hopeful that the Topamax will continue to work. Dr. Neuro raised her dose one more time, just to make sure and said he wants to see us back in December. At that time, we are going to schedule a repeat MRI just to make sure there aren't any tubers putting pressure on the right cortex where he found some slowing in her brain waves.

Her focus appears to be just in the left frontal lobe, so that was excellent new to hear that it is isolated to one area of the brain. He is still suspicious of TSC, but is anxious to find out what Dr. Genes will say at the end of the month. He wants my sister and I to get tested.

I am completely exhausted. I still plan on going to the RDI conference tomorrow morning. We have respite care coming in for eight hours a day to help Mark out. I'll only be away overnight. Well, I'd better get some rest and get to packing for my next trip! Thanks everyone for all your well wishes, prayers and phone calls. I know I haven't been able to get back to everyone, but I promise I will when I get home from my trip.

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