Friday, October 10, 2008

Oops! This didn't get posted to the right place!

So, I accidentally posted this to Flickr, instead of Blogger, but this
one should have been before the Mostly Good News post! This was also an email I sent out to people who may not be regular blog readers.

We are at Children's hospital getting tests run to monitor and measure
Kaylee's seizures. We came in this morning. We had no idea that we
would get in so soon. We had one originally scheduled for next month,
but with all the seizure activity going on, the doctor (and I, after
several nudges) thought it would be best to do it sooner.

We are all set up on the video EEG. She was not happy about the set up
at all. Fortunately, the tech was quick. Only took her 30 min from
start to finish. We brought our own back pack, that I purchased last
night, thanks to Danielle, for that helpful suggestion!

The tech liked our back pack so much, she said she wants to go get
some for EEG the department. It's small and has velco straps for easy
take off. It can also be attached to the hospital bed for sleeping.
Best $3.99 I ever spent!

We spoke with Dr. Neuro. He came to see us a few minutes after we
arrived. He will be keeping us overnight, with the possibility of a
second night if no events occur. If she doesn't have any today, they
will do drug deprivation tomorrow to try to force an event.

We've been recording for about two and a half hours so far, nothing
yet. She did have a very short episode just before we hooked her up,
of course! Not five minutes after the doc walked out too!

They did strobe her, I didn't notice anything, but I had to turn away
while it was flashing because it makes me dizzy. Not sure if the EEG
picked up anything.

We did up her dosage yesterday, and she slept well last night. She
only woke up once at 5am, which is when we were getting up anyway, she
usually gets up at six, so it wasn't too far off.

She's sleeping peacefully now. I am sure she's tired from her busy

Please check our blog
For updates while we are here.

I also posted some pics to Flickr.

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More updates later...


~Mama Skates~ said...

wow, she looks so darn happy in that pic - and toooooo stinkin' cute! glad u made it thru & it's over with...anxious for more update, as i'm sure u r for answers! (((hugs)))


Jonathan said...

Sharon...I'm always amazed at how happy Trevy is even through tests like the over night EEGS!

Shanna...Kay looks so sweet with that smile. I love her little teeth. I'm a total sucker for baby teeth & boots! And it does figure the doc would walk out right before he could see with his own eyes! Ugh! I hope you're done by now! xoxoxxoxo