Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Threes...Tag from Danielle

I was tagged by Danielle to list my threes...

Three Joys...
My children...growing and developing.  They are not typical, but they are making progress, which is all I can really ask for.  I love to see them happy and smiling.  I love the little moments I have with each of them individually.

Coffee... preferably a fancy sugar free vanilla latte, enjoyed with my husband while we are alone on one of our quickie coffee dates.  We are in search of a new coffee hang out, since they closed the local "Java Central".  I prefer the little mom and pop coffee houses, but there aren't many left since Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Peet's took over the market.

Cooking... I love to cook.  I just wish I had more time for it.  There's nothing I enjoy more than watching my family and friends enjoy the food I made with my own two hands from scratch (or as much as possible from scratch).  I really would like to sit down and plan out a regular menu, so I can get really organized and maximize our groceries, but it does take time.  I will have to make time for it one of these days.  I know it will make things easier in the long haul.

Three Fears...
Our children will not live happy, independent, productive lives as a member of society.  This has become an even larger fear since hearing the statistics for adults with Autism from the RDI training.  For the most part, we live our lives day to day.  It's difficult to hope for the future because you do not want to set limits, but you also do not want to expect too much.  Things have been a huge let down in the past when we try to put benchmarks things.  The sad reality is, my children will probably never be astronauts, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, or president of the US. But, when I think to all the kids I grew up with that are now adults, none of them any went in to any of those fields.  Just like any mom, I want them to be happy.  I hope there will be a place for my children, where they can feel independent, successful and accepted.

Ghosts...Mark thinks I'm crazy, but I swear we have a few that have taken up residency with us. It really freaks me out sometimes.  There have been a few unmistakable incidents.  Last night I kept waking up feeling like someone was watching me.  I even felt someone sit on the end of the bed (on more than one occasion), but each time I looked, there was nothing there.  I've seen weird things, heard weird things, including foot steps upstairs when we were all downstairs.  Cold spots, dark shadows, electrical appliances go wonkie.  I will see things out of the corner of my eye, but when I look, they're gone.  Pretty freaky, huh?

Heights... I get weak in the knees.  I don't mind planes, but I do mind tall buildings, hot air balloons, ferris wheels.  I hate being suspended.  I have tried to conquer this fear many times.  I went to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, I have tried standing on the glass platform at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, I have been to the top of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas and I have gone on many tall roller coasters.  Each time I get that sick, weak in the knees feeling, but I still manage to get through it with out passing out.

Three obsessions...
My house being clean.  I can't keep it as clean and organized as I want it, with out turning in to a complete psycho and driving everyone nuts.  I definitely have a little OCD when it comes to my floor.  I like the floor, above all things to be clean.  When Javi was born, was when my OCD was at it's worst.  I was a total clean and germ-a-phobe.  No one was allowed to sit on the bed once it was made.  I moved every appliance every few days to wipe underneath.  I would vacuum almost daily, clean the bathrooms daily and do laundry any time there was more than a few things dirty.  I remember raking carpet tassels, so they were all perfectly in line and rearranging objects until they were just where I wanted them.  What happened from there?  We moved in with Javi's grandparents.  They lived in a much larger home and it was impossible to keep to those standards.  Javi developed an allergies, since he had hardly any exposure to dust as a small baby.  I am much more relaxed now, especially about the laundry.  I have about three baskets of folded laundry that I still need to put away.

Googling...I am a google freak.  I will look up the most obscure thing, just because I can't stand not to have the answer.  Mark and I are the same that way.  I love having such vast amounts of information at my fingertips.  It is truly a miracle.  To think that this technology has only evolved during the latter half of our lives it totally amazing.  

Clean feet...I am a foot weirdo.  I like my feet to be clean before I go to bed.  I wash or wipe my feet with baby wipes before I go to bed, even if I just took a shower.  I don't like to bring things in to bed with me.  I also never go with out polish on my toenails and I scrub my feet and give myself a full pedicure every two weeks.

Three Surprising Facts...(almost forgot these!  started to read Sharon's and forgot that I hadn't done this part!)

May have a touch of clairvoyance.  Not all the time, but the fact that I have felt weird things or feelings in certain places or around certain people, had many deja vu's and weird unexplained connections to things from dreams...dunno, I know it sounds hoakie, but I need to read more about the subject to really make a determination.  I seem to feel things more with children.  No, I can't read minds, see dead people or telekinetically move things with my mind :) I'm also not ready to join the Psychic Friends Network!!

I'm part Mexican...with a name like Shanna Grimes, it doesn't sound like it.  My grandfather was actually born in Chihuahua, MX.  I don't speak Spanish fluently, but I understand quite a bit.  I couldn't carry on a conversation to save my life!  I can cook Mexican food well, or so I've been told.  I make my own salsa, I make Tamales every year for Christmas, Enchiladas with my homemade sauce, Albondigas, Flautas, Emanadas and tortillas.  I'm not very good at my tortilla making.  It's actually quite difficult.  I'm sure I'll master it like my grandma someday.  She has been making tortillas for more than 70 years.

I have a tatoo on my back of this symbol:

I got it when I turned 18. It is meant to symbolize my lifetime love of Led Zepplin. Yes, I was quite the rocker when I was younger :) I still love my Zep, along with many classics. The Beatles, The Stones, Hendrix, The Doors, the list goes on...My mom says I was born in the wrong time. I am kind of a hippie by nature, so I like the music from that era. I never wear socks, I wear natual colors and sandals all the time. I am kind of a tree hugger, so naturally this type of music is appealing.

OK, off to check everyone else's answers.  I'm usually the last in the group to blog, since I am on the west coast and everyone else is three hours ahead of me.


~Mama Skates~ said...

love ur 3's! and i swear, we've got to b related somehow! ;0)

i "feel" ghosts in our house too (and did in one we lived in before)'s 100+ yrs old & i swear that "someone" is feels like a kid...i don't know, i'm weird...and i just "know" things sometimes - like that a certain someone is about to call me, or that whole de ja vu thing u're talking about

and i soooo should have been born in the 60s/70s! i NEVER wear socks & would go barefoot 24/7 if i could...i LOVE me some zeppelin & all that is classic rock! i want dreads sooooo bad & would love to just go live in the woods as a total hippie....but then i'd miss the internet, walmart & my mini van! ~lol~

baby trevor's mommy said...

Okay you two...enough with the ghosts already! lol But otherwise this really was fun! It's a good way to discover more about a friend.

My nose was a product of peer Tanzania! I had my first done in Nairobi Kenya...but she used a piercing gun & the back was SO tight I finally took it off. Well...all the pressure made my nose swell to double the size of normal & I couldn't get the stupid thing back in! And I'd had a Tanzanite ring made for it too! Soooo...when I came to the States a pastor's wife/friend took me to get it done in a very trendy little tattoo shop. Was still painful...but no backing to take off so we're good. Altho...I does swell any time I'm stressed! lol


Shanna Grimes said...

I love almost all things hippie, but the one thing I can't give up, my make up! I like to wear make up.

I always thought it would have been cool to live in a commune in the 60's...pick apples and share duties, live off the land. Realistically, no way. I like my fancy latte's, showers and buying clothes in an actual store and most of all, some sort of privacy :)

Love the nose ring stories. I wouldn't mind having one, but I think my piercing days are over. I used to have six up one side of my ear and five up the other. Including the little piece of cartilage that sticks out, right before your ear hole. I did that myself with a needle and it was VERY painful.