Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kidney Stone?

Ok, so I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday, and I decided to make an appointment.  I have flu-like symptoms, aching kidney's and the occasional jabbing pain in my flanks.  When I went in to the doc, I thought well, maybe I have a bladder infection or kidney infection.  I described my symptoms and she said "I think they are kidney stones.".

I do know a little a about them.  My dad had them a while back when he was here.  I have heard they are pretty painful.  She ordered some more tests and an ultrasound to confirm.  She said that I have to pee through a pulp strainer and drink gallons of water.  She also put me on an antibiotic.

My mom is here helping out.  The doctor said there was some risk of me needing surgery or an emergency room trip, so I felt more comfortable with her here with the kids.

I'm feeling a lot better today.  No fever today, just weak and sore.  I hope it goes away soon.


~Mama Skates~ said...

oh my shanna - i hope u're able to pass these soon (if that's the problem)...i've never had them, but hear the pain is awful...i had a friend that got them from drinking gatorade every day (but not working/sweating it out)...there's so much sodium in those power drinks that unless u're burning it off, u shouldn't drink them regularly...i know u guys r sticklers when it comes to diet, so i doubt sodium is the culprit in ur case....regardless, i'm glad ur mom is able to help u out & i pray that u're feeling well soon!


Shanna Grimes said...

me too...we have been a little relaxed about the diet and have had more southern home cookin. Think it's time to go back to the healthy cookin :)

Christopher Humphries said...

As I told Mark, I'll be praying for you.

That sure does sound like a horrible time, I do hope it goes by quickly without much trouble.

Drinking all that water and having to pee in a receptacle must stink be a real pain too.

It's great you have family to lean on!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh sweetie...you know I'm empahthizing! I'm SO sorry! I'm glad you're starting to feel better.

If I lived closer I'd bring you some healthy, chicken noodle!


Shanna Grimes said...

Thanks everyone. Hoping that it will subside soon. I'm not the best patient. I'm a better nurse.

Mark has an eye infection that is wiping him out now, so I guess I'd better heal quickly. We can't be broken at the same time.