Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home Update

Well, ultimately we decided not to proceed with the offer on the home. We were so close, all we had to do was sign the offer, but after investigating some other options for financing, that were suggested by Mark's parents, we decided to go with a home in a lower price range.

That home was really perfect for us, but there are lots of homes out there and we will find another that will work better for our pocket book, as well as satisfy our needs and maybe some of our wants.

We are disappointed, but like I have said before, everyone has to start out somewhere in the home market. We happen to be jumping in the market after completing our family, instead of when we are starting our family. We may not have our dream home to start out with, but everyone has to start somewhere. We'll keep looking...there's something out there for us.


JSmith5780 said...

You know... NY has MUCH cheaper houses... great services AND it's closer to me and Danielle... it's even closer to Mama. I think it's time you moved. :)

A house like that, depending on the town would be about $175K here... if that high. Ok, ok, so our summer isn't as long, but no fire and no earthquakes. That has to count for something right. Am I persuading you at all????

~Mama Skates~ said...

hey, i'm all for u moving to the east coast! :0)

but good for u - showing restraint & doing what's smart for ur family....the perfect home will come along, just when the time is right

baby trevor's mommy said... now we're ganging up on you! East Coast or bust!

ps. Part of me is so disappointed for you guys...the other part trusts your instinct. The right house'll come around eventually...


Shanna Grimes said...

We had actually planned to end up in VA, before we had Kaylee. Mark wanted to work for the gov directly. He thought about going in to the CIA. Yep, he wanted to be a "spook" (someone that works for the CIA or MI-5). I call him a "geek".

That house had a hefty price tag for such a small house. It was $430k. We didn't offer that of course.

Yeah, wish we could, but Javi's dad is here and so is Mark's job, so don't know if we will ever be east coasters.

JSmith5780 said...

Just convince EVERYONE to defect to the east coast!

My sister's newest goal is to be a statitician (sp??) for the FBI.