Friday, August 22, 2008

My Magic Wand

Well, today is one of those days where I am thankful to have my wonderful yummy vanilla iced coffees. Kaylee has therapy in a bit, her first OT session. We will also get the results of her OT eval. Ethan had to be in school at the usual time today and picked up at the usual time of 1PM. We have therapy across town from 11:30-12:30 and Javi gets out of school at 12:55. Time to do my magic and be in three places at once!!


My original plan was to pick up Ethan early at 11:00, then jet to Kaylee's appointment across town, then jet across town again. I realized quickly that wasn't going to work after my conversation with Javi's aide. She said we were going to have to figure something else out for Javi because it was just too overwhelming for him to wait at the curb. I had blogged the traffic congestion in my other post at Javi's school. The curb waiting is just not working out for him. Javi had a meltdown, which I could see from the other side of parking lot, being powerless to stop it. He really wants to dart to my car once he sees me, but they have such a procedure for pick up, he has to wait 15-20 minutes for me to get to the front of the loop. Mind you, I have been leaving 20-30 minutes before school dismissal at 2:35 and not actually being able to pick him up until 2:50. I have tried parking and walking in, arriving 30 minutes early, arriving only 20 min early to see if a little later would make any difference. So far, the only right way to do it is to arrive 30 minutes early and park 4-5 blocks away from the school and huff it in with the kids. For Kay and Ethan, that is there nap time, so they are not to happy to be awakened from their car slumber to be moved to a stroller. Either way it's difficult. I either have two screaming kids or one melting down.

The aide was just too overwhelmed by Javi's meltdown, so she said, "Well, this just isn't working for Javi. It's too much for him to wait at the curb. We are going to have to try something else tomorrow. Why don't you try getting here earlier?" I said, "I am already leaving 20-30 minutes before school dismissal. How much earlier should I get here?". She said, "Well, I realize that you have two little ones, but I think you are going to have to park and pick him up in the office from now on because this is too much for him.". She went on to say that I needed to plan ahead and write in the log who would be picking him up and where to meet. Well, so far, I have been the only one picking him up in the afternoon, so I am not sure what prompted that.

It irritated me a little that she seemed so flustered by Javi's behavior, being that she is an aide in his class. It really makes me question whether or not she can handle Javi's needs while staying supportive and calm. It is after all, only the first week and he has had a couple of questionable entries in the comm log that comes home with him. We are going to really evaluate the situation over the next couple weeks to figure out if this is the right placement for him.

Heh, ok, back to my plan for today. Since I realize I can't be all those places, I enlisted the help of Javi's dad. We are going to meet at the park after he picks Javi up from school, so we can chit chat and let the kids play after a long week of school. Hey, kids need time to decompress too. Since I can't be there to go to Kay's OT appointment, pick up Ethan and arrive 30 minutes early to pick Javi up, that was our only real solution. Thank goodness this is Kaylee's only session at 11:30, after that, it gets moved to 9:30.

Happy Friday!!


~Mama Skates~ said...

wow - who u callin' supermom hussy?! ~lol~ i know the feeling of wishing u could just wave the wand & *poof* arrive at the next destination, with the right kids in tow! one day hun, we'll have spaceships to zoom us there - especially if jaden is building them! ~lol~

that would irritate me too (javi's aide)....u're completely right - it's only the 1st week & she should b able to cope with that (& worse, for real!)....u'd think she'd b more flexible & would at least attempt to come up with a better plan together with u....jaden is the same way - as soon as he sees my van pull up to the daycare, he darts towards me & the teachers have to remind him to stop & wait (the playground is on the other side of the parking lot)....luckily, no melt downs - but he gets so antsy, it looks like he's about to pee his pants the way he wiggles & jumps around until they release him ~lol~

Shanna Grimes said...

Ha, I totally LOL'd when I read this.

Well, I am waiting for my space ship Jaden :) I would like mine with the teleport option for those days you sleep through your alarm (like this morning) and warp speed for those days you just want to drive real fast.

Yes, I was not very happy, especially after sitting in that loop for 40 minutes! I can't wait until the bus starts. He had a much better day today, dad reported. It made all the difference that he was there when school got out. We figured out that the best option was to walk until the bus starts. It's much easier than a Javi meltdown. I can just throw them in the double and hopefully they will fall back to sleep on the walk.

Have a great weekend!!