Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kids' First Day

Kaylee had a great work out at PT. Ms. Bonnie gave us the results of her eval. She was in the 16th percentile for stationary play skills (sitting, kneeling, rotating her trunk, etc) which translates to a typical 9 month old skill level. She was in the 5th percentile for mobility which translates to a 7 month old skill level. Nothing all that surprising.

She was happy that she had made progress since we last saw her. She wants to keep an eye on the position of her feet when she walks to see if she needs orthopedics. She wants to wait until she is walking to really make a judgement call. We have some exercises to work on until we see her next week. Kaylee did very well for her first day, and it was during her regular nap time!! I am so proud of her. She only got a 30 minute power nap before our appointment, so she did really well considering her naps are usually two hours.

Kaylee also hit another milestone today! She clapped for the very first time.

Ethan had a great day. In his teacher, Ms. Danielle's words "Ethan had a FANTASTIC day!! He did so well. He had no trouble adjusting to the new class, new friends and new routine. I just LOVE him and I am so happy he is in my class!!" If that doesn't make a mother feel good, I don't know what would!! Guess I'm doing something right. Ok, so Ethan gets most of the credit. He is just naturally a wonderful little boy.

Javi had a great day too. There were some complications with his drop off and pick up, since the traffic at Javi's school is a complete nightmare. There is only one way in and out of the neighborhood where his school is. To complicate the traffic even more, his school is on the top of a really steep hill, so most people drive their kids to and from school. They actually have a 10 page hand book for pedestrian and auto traffic, complete with different maps and procedures for the morning and afternoon. All I could think of was Mr. Mom! You are doing it wrong!! It's north to drop off, south to pick up a-hole!!! I actually walked the wrong way too, although I had another mom say, ah you are doing fine for the first day :) I ended up parking my car three blocks from the school and walking in because the pick up loop wasn't moving. I had to drag the sleepy little ones out of the car and huff it in. It took me a total of 45 minutes to pick him up from school. I think it may be easier for him to take the bus! Fortunately, we are eligible for the bus, since it's about two miles from our house.

Javi said "It was such a long day, Mom." He was pretty hungry after school, so we decided to call Nana to meet us at Jack In the Box for a snack. It was Javi's cousin, Analia's first day of preschool, so she came along too. We wanted to celebrate their success today with a little treat. She and Ethan had a good time playing together while we were there. They are so cute together. He says Analia is his girlfriend. Well, they aren't blood related, so that's ok ;) She is from Javi's dad's side of the family.

It was a good day over all for everyone. I am happy that we had a smooth transition in to our new programs :)

Posted a couple new flickr pics too.


JSmith5780 said...

So glad everyone had a GREAT day!

~Mama Skates~ said...

mr. mom - too funny! glad everyone had great days (except for the drop off/pick up part)! that was an awesome report from ethan's teacher! gotta love hearing that!!! :0)

baby trevor's mommy said...

*happy dancing for you*

Okay that's a stretch...I'm really sitting in front on the computer...but I'm happy dancing on the inside! *wink*

I'll never forget the first time Trevy clapped! I don't know why it was such a big deal...I mean you can have a fine life w/o clapping...but my goodness I WANTED him to clap! He was over 13 months before it clicked! So I know how you feel...and I'm SO proud of Kaylee!


Shanna Grimes said...

Thanks everyone. It took a big load off my mind. I know anything can happen this week after it sinks in that this is going to be everyday, but I am hoping they will continue to do well.

It was pretty cool that she started clapping out of the blue. We have been doing a lot of hand motion songs with her lately, so I guess it's all starting to click. I think it will be easier to work on the sign now that she is getting a little more coordinated with her hands.