Thursday, June 26, 2008


Its nice to have great friends and the love of my best friend, Mark.

Of course I was feeling down yesterday and I called up Amber to see if
she could meet up for dinner. Turned out she was meeting a good friend
of ours Chris at a great Mexican place in Old Town, so kids and all,
they said come on out and meet us (Mark works until 7-7:30pm, so he's
home late). It was nice of them to be so understanding and let me drag
my heard out. They were really well behaved, so that made it easier.
We didn't talk about any of Kay's issues. We just talked. It was nice
that we didn't talk about it. We just talked like friends talk, which
is what I needed.

Then when Mark got home, we talked. He's my number one best bud for
life (got the ring to prove it;)). He knew all I needed was lots of
hugs and encouragment, that we would love our kids no matter what and
deal with things as they were presented to us. Gotta love his simple
logic. I tend to over complicate things :)

Anyway, just want to show my appreciation for friends. Including all
the friends reading this right now.


baby trevor's mommy said...

It's beautiful & wonderful that you have that kind of relationship with Mark. I know J is my best friend. Of course...we've had some whalers of fights these past months. the end of the day...we love each other fiercly. And the kids. And that is nice...


~Mama Skates~ said...

props to sweet/understanding/supportive hubbies/best friends! ;0)