Monday, April 14, 2008

Trinity in Training

That's my girl!!  Mark always says he wants Kay to be like Trinity from the Matrix.  She would have the three C's, Cool, Coder, Chick.  Not to mention beautiful and smart.  She is getting an early start on the Mac (Notice the apple sticker on the back).  It's actually Ethan's "laptop", but he was being a nice big brother and letting her play with it.


Christopher Humphries said...

Cute :)

When I was little, a speak-n-spell was high tech for my house, it beat out the etch-a-sketch for top portable device.

We did have pong with the knobs.

baby trevor's mommy said... now I've gotta totally go out & get one of those!

I mean...Trevor needs to work out his Neo to Kay's Trinity! :O)


Shanna Grimes said...

I totally remember speak-n-spell. I had a yellow one and my sister had a an orange one. We also had an etch a sketch and pong. We also had a computer by the time I was 7 (1984). We had an Chris-IBM PC with the double 5 1/4 disk drive and it ran DOS. You had to put in the boot disk to start it up. Mark had an Apple II. I think they got it in 1979. I know they had just come out and Mark's dad got in a lot of trouble for buying one. They were 5k, which then was a lot of money to spend on a new fangled gadget. Still is!! Funny how far we've come.

Danielle-Yes, you will totally need to get one for Mr. Anderson, I mean Trev :)