Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snuggle Bugs

They were so cute this morning. It was a nice thing to wake up to. Ethan slept in my bed, as usual and I had Kaylee in the bed since I did not want to put her back when I fed her at 5AM (we get up at 6). Daddy still sleeps in his office because we never know how much Kaylee is going to wake up and he needs to sleep solid to concentrate at work. He sleeps in our room on the weekends, but Ethan kicks him out at 4AM half the time to come sleep in the bed with us. Poor Daddy :(. Think it's about time to lock the kids out ;) Oh well, kids are little for such a short time. It won't be long before we are missing them coming in at 4AM. I know there are times when I just snuggle up to Javi when he is asleep because he doesn't do that any more. They grow up so fast. You have to appreciate every second. These pics definitely reflect one of those moments you want to freeze in time. Pics are a little grainy because of low light. The iPhone cam doesn't work well in the dark, but I did what I could to adjust them.

You can see the love.
Ethan calls them "Kaylee kisses"
Ethan says "E Hugs" when he hugs.
Snug as a bugs in a rug.


baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm all sappy today...and now I'm all misty eyed!

btw...I've been playing w/my newest fave site Picnik.com! It's like Adobe - for FREE! Whoo hoo! Love it!

I'm SO good at finding ways to waste time!


Shanna Grimes said...

Yeah, I think Mark plays with picnik too. I think he got some kinda deal with it when he signed up for another flickr pro or some other account during Christmas. I remember him saying something about it, but I never looked in to it. It looks pretty cool. I will have to make time to check it out.


~Mama Skates~ said...

nice to meet you shanna! ur fam is gorgeous - i LOVE that u have a site for each one of ur children...javi seems super cool & i'm sure he'd get along with jaden (he's 7 too) really well! what a strong woman u must be to have 2 on the spectrum & 1 living with seizures! kudos!!! i'd love to see some of ur cakes - isn't it fun?! :0) i'm adding u to my daily stops - can't wait to read up on ur family & their many adventures!

Shanna Grimes said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your comment. Sometimes I feel like wonder woman, but most of the time, I feel like I am just keeping my head above water :)

I love that name, Jaden. That was our angel baby's name. Thanks for adding us to our daily stops. I added you to my rss. Don't know what I would do without rss. I love that your header photos change, do you do that often? Looking forward to reading up about your fam too and seeing more of your beautiful cakes. I kept saying "we're not worthy" to my husband as I looked at your cakes. You are truly an amazing artist.