Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wine Tour


We had a really good time on our tour of the Temecula Valley Wineries.  We went to Wilson Creek, South Coast and Faulkner.  I am a white wine drinker and my husband is a red wine drinker, so tasting works well for us because we can get different wines.  We love tasting, since we enjoy wine, but can't polish off a bottle together.  The scenery is beautiful and it's nice to pretend like we are on a real vacation, even if it was just for a few hours.  It was nice to get out with friends and not have to worry about who was driving.  I found a new drink that I absolutely love.  It's almond champagne.  It sounds weird, but it's delicious.  It pair well with sweet fruit.  I had made up a tray of cheese, fruit, and lunch meat for the limo, which Amber so generously funded all the food.  I just picked it up and prepared it.  It was a nice day. 
We ended the day with appetizers at Rock Bottom, which unfortunately gave Amber and I food poisoning late last night. Only Amber and I had it and there were only three of us that ate  at Rock Bottom, so we are positive it was the nachos we ordered.  I was sick to my stomach all night long and it even carried in to today.  I haven't eaten hardly at all today. 

The kids did great with Grandma.  My mom actually called mid day to tell us that Kaylee polished off her first bottle and actually held it herself.  She slept about half the time we were out.  The boys were fantastic.  They actually didn't fight all day long, which is a first.  Our biggest surprise was Javi.  Javi missed us the most out of the whole bunch.  He asked Grandma a few times when we were coming home.  He said, "Boy, they sure have been gone a long time.".  Being the oldest, I thought he wouldn't care if we were there or not, since he likes to do his own thing most of the time.  He is getting to that point where it's not as cool to hang out with mom anymore.  I am so glad they did well.  We are already planning our next outing, which will be dinner, just the two of us!  Amber has so graciously volunteered for the next babysitting round.

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