Friday, March 14, 2008

Potty Time for Ethan

Ethan went #1 and #2 for the first time on the big toilet all by himself!!  Hooray!!  He went #1 at school yesterday, so we are getting that much closer to being out of pull up's.  I am so proud of you, Ethan!!  He was really proud of himself too.  We called just about everyone we could think of so he could tell them how he went pee and poop on the toilet.

Great job and keep up the good work!!


JSmith5780 said...


I have two kids day trained. Connor at 4 has ZERO interest. I am beginning to feel like he will never be out of diapers!

Shanna Grimes said...

I keep trying to repeat to myself what it says in the potty video. "Very kids will be graduating high school and still wear a diaper."

Ethan has been doing pretty well lately, although he is no where near ready to get out of a pull up. Javi took four years, so I anticipate we are about half way there with Ethan, at least on a full time basis. Javi actually still wears pull ups at night. We took him out of them a few times, but then he started having accidents. He is just a really heavy sleeper. We get him up at midnight to go to the bathroom, so I'd say he stays dry about 98% of the time. The pull up is for that 2%. I hate having to change sheets in the middle of the night.

You'll get there, especially since the other two are already there. Have you tried "How to Potty Train Your Autistic Child in 30 Days?". It didn't really do the trick for us, but it has a lot of good techniques. I will have to read it again to try some of the techniques on Ethan.