Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Serengeti Smiles at the SD Wild Animal Park

We had a great time today at the Wild Animal Park.  My sister and her husband are in town from Mariposa, a little town right outside Yosemite National Park.  It was a beautiful San Diego day, so we decided to jail break the kids from school early and head out to the park.

We got to see a baby giraffe, only one week old.  I missed the shot, but not two seconds after I snapped this first pic, she started kissing and nuzzling her baby.  It was too cute.  The baby was up and walking around, hard to believe that they walk moments after birth.  I think I would go nuts if my kids fell out of me and started walking.  Good thing giraffes don't have to worry about child proofing!!

The pic of Ethan and I was also taken on the tram.  Ethan was showing off his knowledge by naming every animal he saw.  "Look mom, a rhino", "Look mom, an elephant", "Look mom, a cheetah", he never got bored of pointing everything out.  He sure knew every animal.  Guess all those times we read "All the Ways I Love You" paid off.  There is a different zoo animal and it's mommy on every page.  

Next pic is Kaylee's first sample of soft serve ice cream.  She loved it!  She is teething, and was a little fussy.  I thought the cold would feel good on her gums.  Yeah, I know we shouldn't give it to her, but she loved it so much and it was cute to watch her open her mouth like a little bird for the next bite.  It did calm her down and make her forget about her teeth.

Last pic, my two little kongs.  I had mentioned to my sister that the gorillas had flung poo into the onlooking crowd once when I was at the Wild Animal Park.  Well, you know seven year olds and poo.  Javi caught the tale end of the conversation and just ran with it.  It was poo this and poo that.  He even asked me if the little girl next to us was crying because a gorilla flung poo at her!  Gotta love seven year olds!

Ethan was feeling a little tired and grumpy towards the end of the day and I had Kay strapped to me in the carrier asleep.  It took some convincing to get him to leave.  The only way to get him to walk out was to race.  So here I am with Kaylee strapped to me racing my three and seven year old uphill.  She slept through the whole thing!  Don't know why she doesn't sleep like that at home!  When we weren't racing, I was carrying Ethan on my back with Kay strapped to my front. Hmm...wonder why they haven't invented the double sided carrier?  Talk about a work out!!  Carrying fifty extra pounds of weight on your front and back while walking up hill.  My mom was having a hard time pushing the empty stroller up that hill.  I'm sure I will pay for it in the morning.

We had a great day and topped it off with Cheeburger Cheeburger for dinner.  I am stuffed!  I feel like I gained 10lbs just from dinner.  I had chicken instead of a burger, but I don't think that spared any calories.  Plus the french fries dipped in ranch didn't help.  My gut is crying for mercy already.  Hey, after that work out today, I deserved it.  I'll be good tomorrow.

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JSmith5780 said...

Hi- found you through Trevor's site. I see you are on the IS group... I read but don't absorb as well as I used to. I am not 100% familiar with Kaylee's story. BUT, I see someone has TS. Is it Kaylee or one of the other kids? I follow the TS forum because my son has a TS mutation but is not diagnosed with TS. However he's been on Vig for 3.5 years and they tend to have the most experience.

Anyway, good luck. I have three kids... one post IS, with dev delays, one 'neuro-typical' and one with PDD-NOS.

You can find me here