Friday, February 22, 2008

Well check for Kay and Ethan

Kaylee had her very first immunizations at her well check today.  She had the DTaP, Hib and Pneumo.  These are normally scheduled for the three month appointment, but with the ACTH and the unknown neurological repercussions, we had to postpone them.  She seems to be doing pretty well so far.  She had some Tylenol to help with the sore legs.  She did so well for the actual injections since she is so accustomed to being treated like a human pin cushion.  Poor thing!  

We hadn't actually planned on getting her immunizations started today, with all the illness in our house right now.  I figured with all the recent outbreaks of previously controlled diseases in our area, it has been a concern that she could contract something and get an out of control fever and have a febrile seizure.  I have done enough research on the autism/immunization stuff lately to feel comfortable with moving forward with the vaccinations.

Ethan also had his well check today.  He is doing great, other than the still lingering cold.  He was so great about the doctor using the "flashlight" to look in his ears and down his throat.  He also likes the "circle" the doctor uses to listen to his heart and lungs.  

They are both the about the same in terms of length and weight.  Both are in the 30th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for height.  I think most of Kaylee's 15.9lbs, is in her still chunky cheeks!

We are in the works for a referral to see a geneticist to test myself, Javi and Ethan for Tuberous Sclerosis.  An interesting fact about our pediatrician, in his more than thirty years as a pediatrician, he has only seen one other family affected by Tuberous Sclerosis.  Pretty crazy!  That tells you just how rare this disorder is.

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baby trevor's mommy said...

Hey Shanna,
I've been struggling with the whole immu thing myself. My pedi is very adament that the harm of not moving forward outweighs the risk. I don't know that I'm convinced...altho Trev's IS started about a month after his 6 mo immus...soooo it's hard to believe they're related.
Anyway...he's not due for another 2 months...
Keep me posted on Kaylee!