Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Day at the Beach

We spent the day at the beach with our helper, Ms Jamie. It would be hard to manage all of them solo, since they all run in different directions now. Everyone went in the water today. Though it was gloomy, it did warm up enough to get some time in the waves. I love to see how much the kids enjoy the waves crashing over them, finding seashells and building sandcastles ;)

Gloomy, but warm enough for some fun at the beach

The boys ready for some fun in the sand.

Little feet, notice my perma-sandal tan lines? Mark of a true southern Californian ;)

Look at those waves!

Ms. Jamie & Kay building a sandcastle

Me & Ethan, the plaid hat twins

Wrote an "E" for Ethan in the sand!

Javi loves going out in the waves

What a fun day!!

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