Friday, March 27, 2009

Ms. Independence

She seems like she's grown up over night. All the anticipation of when she was going to start walking and talking and now that part is over. Before you know it, she'll be wanting us to drop her off a block away from school so we won't embarrass her in front of her friends. She's a little lady now and quickly acclimating to big girl life. She got her first Starbucks last week. Wish I would have pulled the camera out for that! She had a kids vanilla milk with our neighbor, Audrey, her mom and I. I know she felt pretty cool to be having Starbucks with the big people ;)

The time just seems to fly by! We are considering converting her crib in to a big girl bed. She keeps getting her leg caught in between the slats. She keeps protesting her naps and hasn't really taken a nap all week. I am not ready for my little darling to grow up. I guess that's just how it is with the baby of the family.