Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Delayed G5 Weekend Report

We had a pretty full weekend.  Friday was a long day with Kay's MRI.  I took Ethan and Kaylee out to grab some lunch when we got home from the hospital and we did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's (health food store).  That evening we just watched movies and hung out, nothing too exciting since we were wiped from the early morning at the hospital.

Saturday we took the kiddos to the train park and to lunch at the Hamburger Factory.  We always love going there.  It was such a beautiful day too!

It was such a nice day, Mark decided to take the boys to the pool so I could get some cleaning done while Kaylee took a nap.  It was nice to be able to clean one room with out worrying that another one was getting blown up at the same time :)

I also started purging closets, spring cleaning!  The kids have pretty much out grown their entire closets.  Ethan has especially been stretching lately.  Good thing I have plenty of "Javi-downs" to give to Ethan.  It does help with clothing costs and I only save the ones that are in good shape.  We donate the rest.

The kids all helped daddy put together Javi's k'nex roller coaster.  They worked on it for three days straight, but after all that, it's missing two pieces!!  Oh well, they had fun building it.  Especially Kaylee!!

Sunday was a relaxation day for the kiddos.  For mommy it was a Costco day.  It seemed like we were out of all of our paper products, paper plates, paper towels, napkins, tissue, etc.  So $265 we headed home with a trunk full of bulk.  Thank goodness that is only a once every few month purchase. Our typical Costco bill for the month is about $150, since I usually only go once.  I know the days of my shopping at a regular grocery store are numbered, with the way our kids are starting to eat.  Javi can mow through food like nobody's biz, since he eats about every 2 hours.  This kid is like a bottomless pit!  So that means more bulk, and less variety, but easier on the pocket book.

Sunday afternoon, I went to the Indian market.  Oh my, the aroma of the east was intoxicating.  I picked up some spices, naan and almond ice cream for that evening's specialty dinner.  My friend, Natalie was coming over for dinner and a movie (postponed to Sunday, since Ethan was sick on Thursday).  I made Butter Chicken, a popular Indian entrée served over basmati rice.  It's very rich and very flavorful.  Mark said it tasted like it was from an Indian restaurant, which is always one of my fav compliments.  I also made some masala raita for dipping the naan.

Nice weekend with the fam.  Hope yours was great too, now that we are half way to the next weekend!!


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

did you say to the pool??? sounds like a very busy weekend as usual. the indian meal sounds delish too!

~Mama Skates~ said...

my kiddos love k'nex! jaden especially, of course! he was just building a race car this week...i bet javi really likes those roller coaster sets!

u r always cooking up something delish! y can't u b my neighbor?!