Monday, February 23, 2009

G5 Weekend Report

This weekend was fairly uneventful because I was sick all weekend, EXCEPT for Kaylee's little stroll!! I did make Chinese food Thursday and Friday night and it came out pretty good. Mark proclaimed my General Tso's chicken was the best Chinese food he had ever tasted and almost ate the entire platter of chicken! Friday night, I made Pepper Beef and Veggie Fried Rice. The flavor was great, but I think next time I will just spend the couple extra dollars on better quality meat. It was a little tough. But hey, what do you want for $3 package of meat!

Saturday, Kaylee and Ethan gave their sick mommy the royal treatment. It was nice to have a relaxing day playing with them. We played beauty shop with Kaylee's Disney Princess Beauty Set.

The kids pretty much entertained themselves for most of the day which was nice. Ethan showed Kaylee how to play Kirby on the DS.

Sunday was another day filled with feeling sick, though I did still manage to get some cleaning done and grocery shop. Then we watched the Oscars and Ethan fell asleep in my lap. I was glad to see that Slumdog Millionaire won so many awards. It was a great movie. Very different from other movies. However, I would still like to see Milk and The Reader, since they also won in the best actor/actress categories. I would also like to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I do look forward to HP and the Half Blood Prince that will make it's debut around Javi, Kaylee & my birthday! Woo hoo!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


~Mama Skates~ said...

omg, i know i told u on FB, but that chinese food looks soooooo good! thx 4 the link - well, i grabbed it when u sent it to wendy via twitter, but thx just the same! ;0)

Wendy said...

yum...yum...yum! I can't wait to try and make the general tso's. Even though I had to google some of the ingredients, lol! I never thought to look on you tube for recipes. Sorry you were feeling yucky this weekend:( Hope you are 100% by now!

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm totally talkin' J into Chinese tonight now!