Sunday, January 11, 2009

G5 Weekend Report

It was such a nice weekend, celebrating Ethan's birthday!  We certainly have been enjoying the cake all weekend.  It's officially gone!  I think it's the first time we have ever finished a birthday cake.  Ethan had about six slices through out the weekend.  I figured, why not?  It's his birthday cake and he doesn't get it often.  Enjoy it while you can!  My mom took the last few slices home for my grandparents to enjoy.

Let's see...since you already know what we did on Friday.  Let's go straight to Saturday.  We pretty much lounged around for most of the day.  We played wii with the kids and had left overs from the "breakfast for dinner" from Ethan's bday party.  In the evening, my mom and I went to pick up chinese food, our usual Saturday dinner, from the little place a few blocks away from our house.  The people know us and they are really nice.  They make all of Javi's stuff special order because of his diet, which is really cool!  We dropped by Home Depot while we were up there to purchase some duct tape to fix our dryer.  The vent hose just keeps falling off.  There is nothing wrong with the cuff that attaches it, but it just keeps falling off.  I suspect it's because I dry large loads and it shakes the darn thing loose.  Anyway, we ate chinese and watched movies, just relaxed.  It was nice.

Sunday morning, we did much of the same, except for I went for a morning jog!  My first in quite a while.  It's time to burn off some of those Xmas lbs!!  Woo, I have gained a few too ;)  I am really motivated, so I am confident I will stick with it.  I have also been trying to eat healthier...again!  I got kinda "lax" during the holidays, so it's time to get psycho again.  

My Normal Diet...
Breakfast is a small bowl of oatmeal with raisins and a coffee.  Then for lunch, a fruit smoothie and a small snack (half sandwich, or soup, luna bar, etc.).  I usually have an afternoon snack like half a banana or hummus and pita, then a normal size dinner (no larger than a salad plate full), which typically includes at least one veg.  I try very hard not to eat sweets, but on occasion I like to have a piece of chocolate or a cookies.  I love love love fancy coffee, so I can usually just reward my self with a coffee and I'm good.  Of course, try to drink as much water as possible too.

This is my NORMAL diet.  You don't want to know what I have been eating for the last six weeks!!  But I'm sure it's not much different what everyone has been eating ;)  I'd like to try to work out, strength training at least 3x's a week and cardio 3x's on the off days.  I'd also like to incorporate yoga at least 2x's a week.  

Sunday afternoon, I took the kids to my friend's Natalie and Steve's house to watch the Charger game.  Mark stayed home to catch up on some rest.  The ladies and I played Texas Hold'em during half time and in to the second half, since at this point the Chargers were a little behind.  It was quite the roll reversal.  Steve had done all the cooking for the game, then he played with the kids a little while the ladies played poker!  It was most entertaining for me to witness this.  Steve did a wonderful job hosting the football party.  I know all the ladies are a tough crowd.  Besides Ethan, he was the only guy ;)  

Ethan discovered he is quite good at Golden Tee.  They have a stand up arcade game in their living room, so Ethan had a good time.  Sure he was amazed by an arcade game being in their living room.  Kaylee discovered that she really likes dogs.  She loved petting Apollo, Natalie's golden retriever.  I could tell Mark saw my wheels spinning when I told him that Kaylee liked their dogs.  He just said "NO PUPPIES".  I whole heartedly agree, since I've been there may times already.  Maybe sometime in the future, we can look in to rescuing an adult dog that is already house trained.  I do really miss having the companionship of a dog.  We always had a dog when I was growing up.  It would be really nice for the kids to also have that kinship.

Natalie's dog, Apollo


JSmith5780 said...

Goldens are the absolute best doggies. How can you NOT melt when you look in those eyes??

Happy belated B-day Ethan!

~Mama Skates~ said...

omg - that pic of ethan & kaylee texting on her lil cell phone is TOO DAMN CUTE!!! & i feel ya with a dog...i'm not really a pet person now that i have kids (the turtle will do for me), but both jaden & now gabby are sooo wanting a dog! the kiddos r enuff 4 me tho - i so don't want 2 start taking care of another baby! glad u had a fun & relaxing weekend! :0)

baby trevor's mommy said...

If only I had your discipline! I'd be a skinny minny!

And we're desperate for a dog 'round here too!