Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's tough being sick!

Ethan got to play Wii laying down for the better half of the day. He had a fever of a 103 last night and has a nasty cough. I don't think he will be going to school tomorrow, but we'll see. He hasn't been to school since Monday, so what is one more day? Besides, he might bring something else home with him if I send him back!!!

Kay is finally drying out. Her nose has been leaking like a seive for two weeks now, but she hasn't really had any other symptoms. Thank goodness!

I'm finally well. Though I have played it safe and tried not to wear myself down. I have been disenfecting like a mad woman everyday, so hopefully it will be gone after Ethan gets well.

Hope everyone else is fairing well this Sickie Season ;)


~Mama Skates~ said...

little bugger! ;0)

winspears said...

I know...we have been fighting the same little bug! I hate it when everyone is sick. :(