Monday, December 15, 2008

G5 Weekend Report

Ok, so I know I missed last weekend's report, but I'm trying to make it a regular habit. Mama Skates sets a good example ;)

Ethan and Kaylee's sickies are still lingering, so we didn't do much with the kiddos.  Ethan is battling it the most and is still home sick with me.  Let's see...

Friday, we did our 12 days, even though I know it was really 13 days 'til Christmas, I wanted to make sure Javi got to participate before going to Dad's for the weekend.  We "elfed" the kids with Elf as you can see from the previous post.  We had left over pizza and watched movies until we passed out.  We also finished up our holiday cards and mailed them out.  So, look for them in the mail this week!

Saturday, Kaylee and I headed out  to the mall. It was a mad house, just as I thought it would be.  Thank goodness I had a yummy Starbucks coffee to enjoy while battling the crowd.  We went on a three hour shopping sprint.  We did get a lot of stuff, but we have to return some of it sometime this week.  I purchased a Apple Airport Base Station 802.11 N for Mark, but he decided we should wait on such a big purchase with Christmas and Ethan's birthday coming up.  We donated at the Epilepsy Foundation's stand at the mall and got a shopping bag, gingerbread house and two cookies to decorate.  Dr. Neuro's admin was working the stand, so we finally got to meet her in person.  We actually have an appointment tomorrow.  Saturday night was ladies night for Mommy. I made some yummy spinach balls and took a bottle of wine over to my friend Carrie's.  We had a lot of fun.

Sunday I picked up some McD's breakfast for the whole family and some much needed McCafe's coffee.  We enjoyed our 'hashfries' as Ethan  calls them.  Yummy!  The best part of the breakfast, besides the coffee.  Then it was a mad dash to the supermarket to pick up some ingredients for the cake I made for the neighborhood holiday party.  A gift from Tiffany's which I thought would also be holiday neutral ;0)  

Sunday night, I walked over to the neighbor's house with cake and a bottle of wine in hand (Mark decided he would prefer to stay home).  It was a great turn out.  It was probably the best turn out ever as far as the holiday neighborhood parties go.  They had a lot of delicious food including a full ham dinner.  Yum!  I hadn't really eaten a whole lot that day just to prepare for it.  I ended up just having a little nibble of each thing. There was some goat cheese pizza with sun dried tomatoes and really delish artichoke jalapeno dip, just to name a couple of my favs.  Everyone was afraid to cut in to my cake.  They said it was too pretty to eat, which of course it was no big deal.  Nothing in comparison to a Sharon original ;)  I knew I could count on my neighbor, Jon, who always boasts about my cakes, to hack in to it.  I made a cake for his daughter's bday a couple years ago and I always take cake to all the hood parties.  He ended up having two slices!  It was half gone by the time I left.  Thanks I'm sure to Sharon's wonderful BC frosting recipe.  Mmmmm....I love that frosting and I hate frosting!!  What I can't figure out though is how you get the butter cream cakes so darn smooth!!  I will have to pick the expert's brain about that ;)

This AM I wasn't feeling to hot, due I'm sure to the three glasses of wine I had at the party.  I am becoming a little bit of a wino this holiday season.  I really enjoy wine.  They had such a huge selection last night, that I felt like I was at a tasting, which is why I ended up having a few glasses.  
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


~Mama Skates~ said...

love the cake - it looks great! i can't believe i haven't shared the smoothing secret with u yet...i'll shoot u an email! ;0)

sounds like a fun weekend! glad u guys r starting to feel better...hopefully ethan will get it all out of his system soon!

winspears said...

sorry ethan is still sick.:( please let me know if i can help out in anyway! LOVE THE CAKE!

baby trevor's mommy said...

haha...okay so don't everybody faint...but J & I have never had a drink. Of liquor silly...of course we drink other stuff! *wink* But I told him I think we should celebrate our house/9th anniversary with our first bottle of wine together! lol