Monday, December 1, 2008

G5 Weekend Report

Happy December everyone.  The countdown is ON!!  This year I wasn't as prepared for Christmas as past years.  For the first time in like five years, I didn't decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving and I also did not go out on black Friday.  

This year, I decided to stick to a very specific list of items for Christmas, which usually does not coincide with Black Friday deals.  I did do a little Christmas shopping this morning and I have been doing some internet shopping also.  We are taking it easy this year on spending, just like the rest of America.

Let's see...Friday we obviously did not go shopping early, but we did go to the arts and crafts store to get gifts to make for the teachers and therapists.  Later, we went to my friend Carrie's house to do yoga and we took the kiddos to lunch.  Ethan's new favorite thing to eat is hummus and pita.  I am so proud of him for trying new things.  I am also happy to report that he took a bite of everything on Thanksgiving, which was a first.  He usually just has plain mashed potatoes and a roll.  Friday night we got a call from Carrie that she needed help with her flat tire, so I took Kaylee with me.  I thought she might fall asleep in the car, but no such luck.  I ended up taking her tire home with me to take to Costco to get it patched on Saturday.  We came home and watched a movie.

Saturday I made Biscuits and Gravy for the fam.  Then we helped Carrie get her tire patched and back on her car, then she took her daughter, Lucy, Ethan and I to get some Mex food to say thank you.  Saturday night, Ethan and I went to our friends Brook and Matt's for Matt's 34th bday party.  It was a poker party, but I wasn't really up for playing, so I helped Brook play hostess, since she was playing cards.  Had fun playing with the kids at the party too.  I hadn't seen a lot of them since they were babies.  Brook ended up winning the first big pot.  Woohoo, you go girl!

Sunday I cleaned house, while daddy got a much needed sleep in.  We took the kids to the mall to go see Santa.  We decided to go to lunch first, then by the time we made our way over to Santa, he was going on his lunch break.  We tried walking around and wasting time window shopping, but by the time Santa came back, the line was so long and the kids (and Mark) were getting grumpy, so we decided to try another time.  Not a total wash though, because the kids did have fun at the Apple Store, the Pet Shop where we got to hold a puppy and pet a bunny, and we also explored the Build a Bear Workshop.

All and all, a fun, but busy weekend.  I am looking forward to taking it easy this week.  I will be enjoying the holiday season, decorating and cooking as usual.  

Hope everyone had a nice holiday!


baby trevor's mommy said...

We made lucked out with Santa...we got there just as he was arriving & before anybody else had noticed. Bri LOVED it! And she was SO cute. The only thing she wants (correction wanted...our tour of Target helped add to her wish list) is a Belle dress. Grams has that covered. Toby wants a Wii. I'm not sure how deep Santa's pockets are though! *smile*'s to getting all our shopping done on time! *wink*


winspears said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love the holidays! :)

JSmith5780 said...

question, when I came to your site it asked for a twitter p-word. Will I only be able to view if I am a twitter member?