Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Countdown to the New Year!

Been a busy week so far with the countdown to the new year. We have been preparing and getting the house all spiffed up and ready to receive guests for new years eve, plus, I just like to start the year off clean. I just usually wait until after all the holidays are over, but with the party I was a little premature ;) We have been purging cabinets, refrigerators, closets, garage, toy boxes. Pretty much, most of the house (except my master closet, which I did last month). Even did a little furniture rearranging! Yep, you know me!!

Jamie our helper has been a GODSEND!! She is truly a gem. She is both my hands (not just my right hand woman). She helps me with my OCD too ;) Although, don't know if it's helpful to be my accomplice *wink*. We have done so much over the last few days. The house looks truly amazing!! She actually helped me do yard work today! Way above and beyond the call of duty! I did manage to even steal away, sans children, this morning to go to drop off donations at Goodwill and go to Costco with my friend and neighbor. That was nice! Thank goodness she comes tomorrow too, I will be like a chicken with my head cut off, I'm sure. I am always a psycho the day of a party. I have most of my prep work completed. Just saving those last minute things, vacuuming, wiping down the bathroom, etc. Oh, how I love to entertain guests! I don't know why, because it is so labor intensive, but I love to have people over and cook, talk over a cocktail, have everything look pretty. Silly, I know!

Ok, I am going nuts with the smell of that cake baking. Yep, decided to make a simple cake, nothing fancy because of time constraints. Also can't wait to test out my new bread maker tonight after I frost the cake! Thanks mom!

Hope you all have a fantastic NEW YEAR!!! See you in blogland next year!!!


winspears said...

happy new year!!! have fun tonight!

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