Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poor family truckster!

Our family truckster has a boo boo. It happened over the weekend. This poor little old lady backed in to me. In my opinion, she probably shouldn't have been driving any more. My car was parked in a lot and I had just gotten out of the car. I yelled "STOP" and even though she had her windows down, she didn't hear me and backed right in to Chin (that's the name Javi gave my car). Backing in to a large SUV that is parked is not a good sign, but accidents do happen. I'm guilty!

I have been on and off the phone with her insurance, I got an estimate at a body shop yesterday and looked up rentals. I kinda got screwed when my Jeep Grand Cherokee got rear ended on the freeway, so I wanted to make sure I had all my ducks in a row this time. I wanted to make sure that I not only got the repair done, but that they also gave me enough for the rental.

As it turns out, they don't pay for rental, they pay for the time that you can't use your car, which is not really comparable to what I would pay to have a rental of a comparable car, but it's close enough. I think that we may have to pay $30 more. All in all worth it since it fixes the other boo boo Chin had from my previous accident that they determined was my fault that I never fixed. I would rather pay the $30 than go through my insurance, since I run the risk of getting cancelled if I make another claim. I still may run the risk of getting cancelled, not sure, but I'm hoping we don't, since I am not really looking to use my insurance. I guess it's probably more accurate that I run the risk of our insurance rates hiking up for being a liability.

Boy, Chin has really been a bad omen. We had problems buying him and almost ended up giving him back. They conned us and said that it was a comparable model to the one I test drove and it wasn't. Then they screwed up the contract twice and wouldn't finance us at the rate we wanted. They also had a new buyer for my trade before all the paper work was straightened out with Chin. Then Chin got everyone fired that sold us the car since they screwed up the deal so badly. I have had more incidents in Chin that I think I have collectively in all my other cars!!

I just got bumped a few days before the one this weekend at a red light. There was no damage to my car, only to his, since he rear ended my tow package which is metal. I let the guy just go with out giving him any static and he hugged me and offered to buy me a hamburger. Apparently, he has just gotten his driver's license back the week before for reckless driving. Not sure if I did the world a favor, but he really didn't do any damage, so no point in making a big stink about it. So, that would make accident #3 in six months!!

Over all, I do like my truck though and I am glad I ended up choosing an SUV. I am just hoping Chin will make it to see the end of paying him off. I pray I never have an accident, especially with the kids!


JSmith5780 said...

Poor Chin!

Is it bad that I have been in so many accidents that I have lost count? At least only one of them landed me in the hospital, but I guess that is what happens when you hit a tree at 70.

We've been screwed by insurance once also, so I now know what NOT to do when getting a repair!

Thank goodness everyone was okay. I don't even want to consider the thought of getting in an accident while I have the kids!

winspears said...

Don't bad things happen in threes? If so you should be done for awhile! :)

~Mama Skates~ said...

i was just going to say that about bad things (and good) coming in 3s...glad no one was hurt in any of ur accidents...hope chin doesn't give u any more trouble!

oh & i'm totally diggin' the box u have on ur blog now! didn't know u could do that...running over to put one on mine now! :0)