Thursday, November 13, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me

I thought the place was looking a little dirty, so I pulled out the vacuum. I started out with the playroom and the living room, everything seems like it's going ok, I'm getting the nice vac lines in the carpet that I love so much.  Then I pull out the hose tool to vac by the front door and no suction.  I looked for a clog, nothing.  So, I turned off the brush and flipped the vac on it's side.  Nothing!!  No suck!  I had just taken the vac apart about a month ago to clean and check filters and it worked great, at least for a little while.  

It's been no secret that I have always hated this vacuum.  We have had problems with it since about a month after we purchased it.  In the two years we have owned it, I have taken it apart about four times to fix it and we have gone through about 10 belts.  I just think we somehow got a lemon, but we never did fill out the warranty card and I am sure it's long since expired.  

Today was the last straw.  I decided to forego the vac repair shop, since it will be about $100 to fix it anyway.  Why spend the money on a vac I never really liked in the first place?  Not to mention, I don't even know if the repair guy will do anything different than I have done (replace filters, check hoses, clean and check the motor). 

So, I went online to start my consumer search on the best suck for the buck, apologies if that sounded offensive, but we are talking vacuums people :)

Most of what I found gave reference to a bagged upright being the best for the money.  Since I am more of an eco person, combined with the fact that I vacuum so frequently, it's just not very cost effective, nor good for the environment to go that route.  Most of the reviews on bag-less uprights point to DYSON.  I have always wanted one, but never could stomach the $400-600 price tag.

I managed to find a DYSON DC14 All Floors with washable hepa filters and telescopic wand for $211 on eCost.  They had the same vac through Best Buy for $289, so I felt more confident ordering it online knowing that a major brick and mortar store also carried it for cheap.  The reviews all checked out plus, I actually have a friend that owns one and loves it. So, I went for it.  With shipping & tax it came to $255 and it will be here in 3-8 days!   

Ha ha, notice how it has a man vacuuming.  DYSON may make great vacuums, but it's no miracle worker!!  Just kidding!  Mark does actually vacuum one of the two times a week we vacuum the house :)  Maybe he would be more willing to tackle the stairs now with the telescopic wand?  It reaches up to 17ft! 

Ok, if not a Christmas present, call it a going away present ;) (WARNING, YOU MAY WANT TO MUTE THE SONG)


JSmith5780 said...

$211?? WOW, awesome price.

I LOVE my Dyson. Since I vacuum almost daily, it gets a work out! Enjoy it! I know that sounds stupid, but I don't mind vacuuming when I can SEE the difference it makes. I think you and have talked about this before :)

Shanna Grimes said...

Cool! Do you have the same model? I might do it everyday when I get the dyson :)

~Mama Skates~ said...

hilarious! glad u found a great deal on ur true love! ;0)

know where i can find good, cheap cameras? mine fell outta my van & i backed over it! :0( i'm so lame!

~Mama Skates~ said...

just brought curtis back here to check out the vid - hilarious!

baby trevor's mommy said...

The one house keeping thing that I love is vaccuming! If I get a Dyson I think I'd spend all day cleaning! *smile*

Casdok said...

I also love my Dyson!!