Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mark 2.0

Daddy and Ethan playing iPhone games together. When they say like
father, like son, it definitely applies to them. Black t-shirts, cargo
shorts and black iPhone cases. They looked so cute together, I had to
snap a pic.


baby trevor's mommy said...

Now that's a cute pic!


~Mama Skates~ said...


Christopher Humphries said...

Hah, that is cute...

yet no ACK shirt for the son (or that what you have)?

Shanna Grimes said...

Chris, we actually had shirts that are v1.0 and v2.0 for them, but Ethan outgrew it. Ethan also had a shirt that said "I TCP/IP, but mostly IP" from Think Geek that he wore to the hacker con when we took him as a baby. Funny cuz Mark's friends said "Wow, look who forked"