Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's alive!

Yay! Got my replacement keyboard in the mail! After $40 and a few
minutes in surgery, my baby was as good as new.

It was painful being with out it all week. Guess I learned my lesson.
No more open drinks near the computer. Sippy cups only, including me!

Thank goodness it was only a little water. Anything else could have
been really devistating.

I think it will teach me to do weekly back ups, at least. I usually
only do them once a month, but I think it should at least happen on a
weekly basis.

So, my first order of biz was to check for a GFCF restaurant to go to.
The TACA website had Island's listed, so we headed there for dinner.

When we got home, we read blogs. Yay! I didn't have to squint ;) I
love my phone more than any gadget I have ever owned, but I don't like
doing everything on it, all the time.

Well, it's good to be back!

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~Mama Skates~ said...

welcome back! glad u're back up & running!