Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sum it up...

Javi update on the school front...

Contacted Javi's teacher from last year, just at random to say hi. As it turns out, the ASD Program Specialist contacted her yesterday to ask if she would be the ASD consultant to observe Javi. We are thrilled with this, since she would know Javi the best in a school setting since she had him for two years in a row.

Also, just as I was formulating a response to her email....the Education Consultant I had requested through the Regional Center contacted us. Got him up to speed on the situation and now he'll be scheduling an observation too and attending the second IEP meeting.

Still feel that it may be a mismatched class setting for him. Javi gets really agitated when you ask him questions about school. He did tell me that the kids are teasing him and copying him during recess and lunch. He said "Yep, I'm still playing alone." Poor baby :( Breaks my heart to keep sending him when I know he is not happy.

Ethan has his Halloween parade and party tomorrow. We are making homemade popcorn balls to pass out to kids in class. The boys LOVED making popcorn on the stove tonight. They couldn't believe that you could actually make popcorn with out a microwave :) It really tastes a lot better than in the microwave. Javi said "Wow Mom, this tastes like the movie popcorn, but better." We just put a teeny bit of salt, no butter. Javi, Ethan and Daddy shoveled handfuls of it in their mouths. I'll probably have to make more popcorn before I can make the balls.

Kaylee had PT today. Ms. Bonnie, her regular PT is back, YAY!! She was happy with the progress that Kaylee has made while she was gone (a month). She did say we will determine whether or not her regular tennies will be enough support for her or if she will need orthotics. She is still pronating her feet. She said it's a tough call because Kaylee is not technically walking yet. She mostly side steps when she cruises. She did agree that it would be a good idea to look in to a pediatric posterior walkers since the doc said that the Topamax may inhibit her ability to build muscle tone at this dose. Since she already has low tone, it makes it tough. We are going to see if we can possibly check out a walker from the CP Library to see how well she does with it before we order one. Heh...maybe we can convince my grandma walkers are cool if Kaylee has one :)

Well, that's all for now. Have to get to making popcorn balls :)


JSmith5780 said...

I am so glad to hear that all the necessary/right people are coming on board to help Javi! What a relief for you.

Stove top popcorn is BY FAR the best popcorn. My neighbor has taken to calling it "crack" corn because it is so addicting :)

~Mama Skates~ said...

mmmm, popcorn balls! and popcorn on the stove?! i'm seriously impressed!

it sounds like even tho javi is still in the stinky school for now, all the pieces are coming together for his future...hope the transition is smooth & speedy!

only 2 more days till halloween!!! if u could only hear jaden's announcement every morning - priceless!

baby trevor's mommy said...

I know it's gotta still stink to have Javi in a situation where you don't feel comfortable. I'm such a cut & run girl! But I'm hoping you can work through this...and who knows...maybe his teacher will grow through it and be a better teacher for the next Javi that comes along?!

What are your kids dressing as for Halloween??? Toby's a skeleton...Bristel a fairy...and Trevy a very reluctant penguin! ha!

I'm too lazy to even know if *crack* corn is better than micro corn!


ps. how weird...the little security word I had to type in today was *messes* hmmmmmmmm?