Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some sweet surprises

Yesterday we received some sweet surprises. The first being my cool new sandals with arch supports for my flat feet and plantar fasciitis. No more achy feet!

The second was a beautiful gesture of goodwill from Ethan's teacher, Ms. Danielle. She brought us dinner from Pat and Oscar's, one of our favorite local restaurants. She brought enough food to feed us for a few nights!! She had heard about everything that we have been going through with the family and our kids and wanted to do something to help out. Thank you so much, it definitely won't go to waste! We are so fortunate to have her as Ethan's teacher and as a friend.

The third was a decadent bucket cake for Mark's bday on Friday, directly from the Queen of Cakes, Mama Skates. We couldn't quite wait until Friday, so we decided to break in to it last night. We figured it would take us days to eat it, so with perishable food, there's no time like the present!! At least, that was our excuse.

It tastes as if it were delivered on a cloud straight from heaven's bakery. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Kaylee was the only one of the kids that was able to enjoy it last night, since Ethan had fallen asleep on the floor and Javi was at dad's. We got some cute video of her. Notice how she kicks her feet in anticipation of the next bite! We love you Mama and thank you so much for the cake.

We are so fortunate to have all of the supportive family and friends surrounding us. We may struggle with things here and there, but we always have them to pick us back up and reassure us that we are going to make it through these times. I just want to let everyone know, friends, family, and neighbors. Your kindness and friendship is truly appreciated. We don't know what we would do with out all of you. Thanks so much for always being there when we needed you.


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

Cute shoes!!! Looks like a fresh pedi too maybe??? Kay is a smart girly...sweets make me giddy with excitement too! That is so sweet of Ethan's teacher. I needed to be reminded today of there being genuinely nice people left in this world, she sounds like a great lady...what a blessing! happy early b~day to your hubby.

~Mama Skates~ said...

well u guys deserve it! u're such sweet, honest, devoted parents! glad u're getting some help this week!

thx for the plus! ;0) i love the "bucket cake" name u guys gave it! so glad u're enjoying it - i'm totally LOVING the video!! now that's what i call promotion! ;0)

happy bday Mark!!!

~Mama Skates~ said...

i meant to say thanks for the "plug" duh! ~lol~

Shanna Grimes said...

Thanks Monica! They are Chaco's if anyone was wondering, for those of us that are flat foots :) Got a great deal on 'em at

Yep, I gave myself a pedi on Tues nite after the kids went down. I felt guilty watching TV without doing something else at the same time, so I gave my scales a shave and put on a fresh coat ;) Watched "Singing in the Rain". Love old movies!

No problem, Sharon. You are worth plugging :) That came out wrong...I meant your cakes are worth plugging ;) Yum yum yum. I am going to be tipping the scales when we polish that bucket off. Gotta be about 10,000 calories in a bucket.

Hey, that can be your slogan, just like an ipod ;)

baby trevor's mommy said...

Shanna...I've dying to find a pair of flips with support! I'll be checking it out later! have such cute toes! Mine are very hobbity...and all three of my kiddos inherited them! And had me busting a gut with your "on a cloud from heaven" line! SO true Sharon! Your cakes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And Shanna...I know this is cyber world where not everything is as it seems...buuuuut...this post sounded SO happy! And it makes me happy cause you're sounding happy!


JSmith5780 said...

Happy Birthday Mark!

I will have to look into those sandals, though it's no longer sandel weather here! My feet are horrible. And plantar faciitis is the WORST! Actually my foot surgeries for accesory naviculars was worse, but not much! Lately, I have been having a problem with my right foot, about an inch away from my big toe joint. No clue what it could be, plus it comes and goes.

Ethan's teacher is AWESOME!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jen...I love the random foot facts! *wink*