Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still in LA

We decided to stay a little longer to assist my mom in packing up her apartment. My mom is set to move in with my Grandparents in about another month to help them out. We have had a nice and productive visit with them. We managed to get them moved to a different room so they will be more comfortable and not have to navigate steps. My grandmother is not as spry as she once was and is refusing to use any assistive walking devices, so we all thought the safest option would be for them to be in a room that didn't have any steps. My mom will be moving in to their old bedroom.

Moving them was not with out injury, unfortunately. I did suffer from a little head trauma and my aunt had to take me to the ER to get patched up. I had a ceiling fan glass light fixture fall on my forehead while I was trying to clean and re-hang it. No stitches, but it did bleed a lot. Head injuries always bleed a lot. Posted some pics to Flickr.

Ethan has had a great time visiting with Papa. He has been his little helper working in the garage with him, tooling around. He helped him smash aluminum cans and helped him water the lawn. They have "fished" in the bucket, which is one of our favorite past times at Emmie and Papa's house.

We will probably be leaving tomorrow in the late morning. I miss Javi, since he stayed behind. He couldn't miss school like Ethan. He has been spending time with his Aitona and Nana (Javi's grandparents on his dad's side) after school.

Ok, well, I have to get packing. I'll post some pics from the trip soon.


JSmith5780 said...

Ummm, OUCH, that does NOT look like it felt good.

At the same time it looks exactly like something I would do! :)

baby trevor's mommy said...

You look cute with Boo Boo Head! *smile*


~Mama Skates~ said...

glad u're ok! what a sweet lady u r to take extra time to help them clean/move!