Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Morning Fun

I had been promising the boys I would make blueberry pancakes on Saturday, so I made good on my promise.  I had to make a couple plain, since Javi doesn't like blueberries much.  The boys enjoyed putting berries in to the pancakes while they were cooking.  We had an assembly line going.  Ethan would hand me a blueberry, I would had it to Javi and he would put it on the pancake while it was on the griddle.  He and Ethan reminded me about 100x's that the griddle was very hot.  They do enjoy cooking with me and I enjoy teaching them.  My goal is to make sure that they can cook and clean up after themselves, so they won't drive their wives nuts, ahem :)  I want them to know more about the fine art of using a stove and making from scratch instead of just using the microwave and cooking from a box.  

Ethan ate most of his blueberries, but left a few on the plate.
Kaylee also had the plain.  I was afraid she would choke because of the size of the blueberries.  I did give her a sample of part of the pancake with blueberry juice on it and she liked it.
Javi made a menu and called the restaurant Mom's Pancakes for Me N' You.  Guess that mean's him and Ethan.  Notice the prices are free :)  Guess he gave up on trying to spell organic (they were about 90% organic, all but the sugar and vanilla).  Guess that Javi likes the junk food McDonald's pancakes (taste yummy, but loaded with sugar) better because he said my pancakes taste like health food ;)

After pancakes, we went to the farmer's market while daddy stayed home with an upset tummy.  Poor dad!   We had some great finds there.  We found a new product there called Heartland Harvest.  They make quick crock pot style meals that are mostly vegan, organic, gluten free and low in sodium, which is all up our alley.  Very high in flavor!  I got the Mediterranean Millet, Cuban Black Bean Soup and Bolivian Pilaf.  It's nice that every once in a while you can have a healthy easy to fix meal.  I sampled a couple of them and they were great.  I am a big fan of Cuban Black Bean Soup, so I am looking forward to trying that one out.

The weather was beautiful. I love market day. It's nice to try all the samples of wonderful fresh fruit. There are also so many different cultural foods to sample. All the wonderful colors and smells of the market. It's also nice to show the children that all food doesn't come from a drive through or a supermarket. The fruit, veg, flowers and eggs there were picked that morning or just the day before. Most of them still have dirt, roots and stems on them. Our yard is not a gardening yard (tiny yard, mostly cement), but I hope to someday have a garden in the yard when I have more time to tend to it. Still have a lot to learn in that department!!

After the market, and about a dozen times of Ethan singing the "To Market, to market" nursery rhyme, and sharing a few street tacos from the mexican food stand, we went to ride the train.  Today it was the little train with the outdoor uncovered cars.  We got to yell "ALL ABOARD!" which the boys loved.  Here is a pic of them getting ready to yell with the conductor.  Javi jumped the gun a bit :)

We had a potty party for Ethan today.  We have gotten back in to the militant regime of sitting him on the potty and having him wear undies again.  We had given up about six months ago.  It was just too much to keep up with everything going on with Kay and Ethan throwing temper tantrums every time he had to sit.  He also had no real concept of not wetting his undies.  Now that his language and social are much more advanced, he is ready once again to take the plunge.  So far, so good.  The last two days he has been in undies and he hasn't wet once.  Yesterday, he waited to pee, despite sitting about 15 times, until we went swimming and he was in a swim diaper to pee.  Today, after half the day in and out of the bathroom, he went.  We barely left the bathroom all afternoon, but the end result made it all worth it!  Hooray for ETHAN!!!


baby trevor's mommy said...

You are SO amazing...pancakes on a Sun morning! kiddos are terribly jipped! ;O)

Although...I do throw a pretty good potty party myself! Yeah Ethan!


JSmith5780 said...

LOVE the sign!!

Our specialty is belgian waffles on Sunday mornings :)