Friday, July 11, 2008

Good to be back!!

Ok, so I know it's been a few days since I was last in blogland, but it's been a busy week. I will itemize the week recap:

-Rearranged living room furniture, pics below
-Took down 1/2 our playroom and made it back in to a dining room (it's actual intended use)
-Scrubbed down the entire downstairs, cleaned floor boards, hands and knees old fashioned scrub down

-Decluttered the entire downstairs
-Hung curtains in the den
-Started building an art table for Javi's bday
-Hand building invites for two parties that are to be held next week (Wall-E and Baby Shower for Javi's Teacher.
-Planned and preped for Kaylee's 1st and my bday party (we are sharing the party)
-Made Kaylee's smash cake. She is really in to purses. I know, we are in trouble ;) Just like mommy (I have a few Coach and a Gucci, but hey, I only get them on sale!!) Wish Sharon lived closer, would have definitely ordered it! My cakes are pretty sad looking, but still taste good ;) I just don't have the patience or talent, but I try.

Tomorrow is the big day. The first party in the party arsenal. Three parties in a week!! I'm already partied out! I'm excited for tomorrow, just hope I can stay awake! I am exhausted after all the running around this week.

Well, we (the kids and I) looked at another house today. Here is the virtual tour. Our realtor sent me a link to this one and I just had to see it in person. It looked perfect from the pics and in our range. Little did we know that it had a lot of finish work not pictured in the virtual tour. It was livable, a tub needed to be finished off with a base board and tile, but had a nice jacuzzi tub that was brand new! Had a lot of trim work that needed finishing and the landscaping needed to be redone. One wall needed to be finished off upstairs too. Other than that it was great! We are still keeping our eye on what's out there. Looking for that diamond in the rough. We are looking to buy early next year, so we have some time. Patience is a virtue in today's housing market. There's a lot of inventory, but unfortunately, a lot is still out of our price range in SD. Median single family homes are around 540k, and our range is 450k. Guess we will just wait it out!


Jonathan said...

Re-arrainging the house always destresses me! I hope it was relaxing for you too!

We call Feb-Apr party row! 4 b-days in a row! I'm tempted to just pick a date in the middle & celebrate one big party!

And can I just *beautiful*!!! The house! J & I were ready to put in an offer! lol Love that it has a pool...with a nice big fence around it! And it looked so nice n' airy! It's really really sweet!

Even if that isn't the right one for you guys...I hope you find the right one soon!


JSmith5780 said...

Happy Birthday!!

Are you really looking for a diamond in the rough? Have you considered looking for a HUD home? This is what Jeff and I did. Some of the home were in really rough shape, but some only needed a little love. The best part is they tend to be selling way below market value. I would expect, based on the mortgage crisis, many people will eb foreclosed and the banks will be looking to sell houses off for below market value. One way is through HUD. Keep it in mind and good luck!

~Mama Skates~ said...

ok, am i the only one that can't view ur pics cause they're huge? i looked on ur flckr, but they're not there....dying to see the cake! ~teehee~

it sounds like u've been super busy! good luck with the house hunting!

Shanna Grimes said...

Danielle- Our house looks so nice now, I'm not anxious to pack it up! Well, if we find the right one. Still on the hunt. Gives me something else to do besides shop, clean, rearrange furniture and juggle children and their schedules. Maybe I missed my calling. I like to rearrange stuff so much I should have been a person that stages homes :) Self taught through HGTV, though don't think that would be good on my resume ;) LOL

Jen- Thanks, yep, still looking for the DIR. We are looking at SS and Foreclosures (that's the market out here these days) few are just traditional sellers. We are working with a finance person that specializes in HUD, we actually met the realtor through her. We'll find that gem sooner or later.

Sharon- fixed it in the new post. Sorry they were so large! Thanks! Of course it's nothing in comparison to one of your cakes. We're not worthy! Teehee ;)