Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No man's land

I have affectionatly called our cabin's location "no man's land"
because of our lack of cell phone coverage in this area. It is
beautiful country, but feel like an amputee without my phone having
full capabilities. No RSS, email, SMS, blogging, flickring, or talking
in the phone. So, if I have been MIA all week that is the reason for
it. I have been using whatever time I have had service when we are in
town to talk to daddy and to upload pics to flickr for him.

I will hopefully get a chance to catch up on Friday afternoon. As it
is, I am typing this post now (at 10:15 on Wednesday night) and hoping
that when we get a signal in town I will be able to pull it from my
draft folder and send it.

If you have followed any of the few pics I have been able to send out,
you will know that we are in beautiful country. We went to see the
giant sequoias, the old village and stage coach area, the falls, half
dome, and we drove through most of the park. Tomorrow we are going to
take the Jenny logging train in the morning then we will probably head
back toward half dome and Madera River.

Ethan and Javi loved the falls. I thought they would jump in the run
off creek that was connected to the falls. We took tons of pics. Will
post some when I can.

It has been a great trip, so far. A little stressful with the kids,
but still fun. Javi and I took a nature walk at night last night and
it was great. I got eaten alive by bugs, even with repelant on.

Ethan has been having a blast. He's definitely had fun being a boy. I
think he has been the dirtiest he he ever been in his life over the
last few days.

Kay is getting more teeth, started to crawl a little and just as loud
as ever. Finally got her to stay in her playpen tonight, hopefully she
will sleep better tonight.

Ok, bedtime. Early morning to tomorrow. Hope everyone is well!

Shanna Grimes
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~Mama Skates~ said...

it's awesome to hear that u guys r having a great time! can't wait to see the pics when u get back!!!

Shanna Grimes said...

Thanks! Hope you guys have fun on your trip!