Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yet another busy week...

Well, it's been a busy week, but a productive one. Let's see...

Sunday-Finished up Teacher appreciation web and flyer, made travel
plans to visit GG and Grandpa Jim (Mark's parents) in Bend, OR.

Monday-Kay's Therapy, Javi's Art class, Room Parent Stuff, Major house
clean since my parents and grandparents were coming the next day, made
more arrangements for trip.

Tuesday-Grandparents and mom arrive. We finally finished the bathroom
floor tile. Now it's just fixing some of the imperfections here and

Wednesday-More room parent stuff for Ethan's and Javi's class,
shopping and errands,

Thursday-Behavior Mod for Javi and Kay's Therapy, more cleaning, more

We have come up with a new plan for Javi as far as behavior
modification goes. We are trying to curb a few of his behaviors. We
are trying to limit the flapping and keep it to certain times. I came
up with the idea to have a "baton" or "token" to signify to Javi when
it was ok to flap and the consultant agreed that would be a good
plan. Hey, I'll pretty much try anything for a little while. You
never know what is going to do the trick with Javi. We also came up
with a new token economy (reward system). I will explain the new
token economy in further detail when we are finished with creating
it. I know to a lot of people think that may sound confusing to have
so many different systems to follow, but really you are asking for the
same result. There is always a constant: good behavior=reward. The
reward may change, but the expectation is always the same. Think of
it this way, if you were a kid and every time you did something
positive you got a cookie. Your mom would say, don't do that, or you
won't get your cookie or if you are good at the grocery store, I'll
give you a cookie when we're finished. After four months of dangling
a cookie in front of them, the cookie wouldn't seem very appealing
anymore. This is why we have had so many different systems.
Eventually, Javi will learn exactly what behavior is expected and he
won't need the tokens anymore. Then the tokens will turn in to real
money as he gets older :) You know teenagers!!

Well, I better get started on dinner. TTFN!


~Mama Skates~ said...

i agree - try, try, try until u find what works - stick to that until it's not effective any more and then try some more :0)

Shanna Grimes said...

Yep, just like the little engine that could, we chug on through until things loose there effectiveness, then change it up. I must admit, although hard to keep with designing new reward systems, it does keep things interesting :)