Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Cleaning

We are vigorously working on spring cleaning the house today. It's
nice to get a fresh start for the spring. We are changing filters,
dusting moving furniture and vacuuming underneath, clearing out dust
bunnies and everything. The kids really get in to it too. It's cute
to watch them check the "Chore Board" and get motivated to get to the
next item. Javi is assigned to dusting and helping with the trash,
Ethan is assigned to pick up toys and Mommy and Daddy are assigned to
everything else. We are about half way through, since we have been
working on it for the last few weeks. It feels really good to
freecycle things and get rid of clutter. We are going to do the
neighborhood garage sale soon, so we are getting our really choice
items ready for sale and piling them up in the garage. It feels good
to get it clean, but will feel better when it's all done and we can
admire the work :)


~Mama Skates~ said...

oh, i can't WAIT to do this! it seems like i get just a tiny bit done every weekend....but between the kids, cakes & just wanting to hang out outside in the spring weather, i'm not getting too far on our spring cleaning yet this year....we did get our flower bed done this weekend (i'll post later)

re: ur comment - oh girl, i can only imagine how hard that is! it's cool that u come up with creative ways to encourage his progress - even if u can't always stick to it....sounds like u've got a chore chart going too - i need to start one, now that mine are getting older

JSmith5780 said...

As much as I hate Spring Cleaning... I LOVE the moments afterward when I can enjoy the fruits of my labor!

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