Friday, May 9, 2008

Potsticker Recipe

Ok, so I promised to post the recipe for potstickers, so here it is:

Recipe and more on how to fold, cook prepare a dip.

As usual, I did modify the recipe to fit to our taste.  I added a little more hoisin, a tiny bit less tofu, and instead of using garlic chive (couldn't find it at the market) I used green onion.  I also minced everything (garlic, ginger, onion, green onion).  I think the recipe says to dice the onion.  I have kids, so I though they would be more likely to eat it if it didn't have big chunks of anything.  Also, my Grandparents aren't big on onion, so I wanted to make sure it tasted good minced when I make it again on Saturday.

I am so proud of Javi for being open to new food.  Even with the Autism and sensory issues.  A few years ago, he pretty much only ate chicken nuggets, french fries and pancakes (Ethan's current diet).  Now he eats pretty much everything.  We just couldn't be more happy about that.  It's a good thing too, because he will be going to Spain every two years or so with his Dad's (Aita, Basque for Dad) family.  He did really well when he went last summer.  I think we will get there with Ethan. Oh, how I wish we could afford to whisk our children away to a foreign country to give them a real cultural experience. Well, maybe someday ;) Ethan would probably starve to death if we took him now. They would have to have a McDonald's near by. Ahh...the food in foreign countries. Mark and I strive to visit foreign countries just so we can eat. Mark is much more adventurous than me. He is more like the guy from Bizzare Foods, but I too am getting a little more in to eating cultural foods.  One of my two favorite things in the world is lumpia and pancit.  Although, not exactly healthy, it sure does taste good!!  It is food that is healthy for the soul.

I did get some great suggestions at parent education night the other night.  I swear I will post about it soon.  I have a lot of great info, I just haven't had time.  There is a lot to post, so I need a good hour to organize my thoughts.  I just haven't had that kinda time this week.  It's going to be another full day today.  Lots of running around for teacher appreciation.  It's the last day, so next week will calm down, hopefully!!


JSmith5780 said...

ah yes, where would my kids be without McD's. Austin considers hot dogs and chicken nuggest the ONLY meat. Ben eats ONLY chicken nuggets. I don't care that they are essentially veggitarians, but alas, that would require them to EAT vegetables!! If you find any tricks, let me know!

~Mama Skates~ said...

sounds yummy!

i hope jaden comes around to new foods soon...i think he's getting closer...used to b that he only ate what u liked, cause if he even tried anything else, he's puke....but now, he'll try everything on his plate - sometimes reluctantly, but he'll get it girls eat EVERYTHING, so i'm hoping he'll start learning from them

way to go javi!