Monday, May 26, 2008

Pilot Butt

Yesterday we went to the top of Pilot's Butte. My MIL affectionately
calls it Pilot Butt. It's essentially a large mound of earth that
doesn't qualify to be a mountain or a hill. It's pretty high up there.
I am afraid of heights, so it seemed really high to me. On a clear day
you can see all of Bend, but yesterday it was pretty foggy. You can
kind of see how high it is through the trees. I got a little weak in
the knees while taking this pic, but the view was stunning.

We also took the kids toy shopping in downtown Bend at this cute
little specialty toy shop called Leap'n Lizards. GG spoiled everyone
yesterday. Ethan chose new Thomas Trains after playing at the train
table and Brio car table and Kay chose a Whoozit Photo album. We are
going to put some pics of daddy, GG, Grandma Von and Grandpa Jim
before we leave. We did find quite a few surprises for Javi while we
were there, since I promised I would bring surprises.

We had lunch at a cute little bistro downtown. The food and service
was just so-so, but the building and ambiance was spot on. We could
people watch at our window seat. It was busy downtown, no doubt due to
the holiday weekend.

After that, we took the kids to the book store. The kids just love the
bookstore. Ethan kept bringing books for GG and me to read to him. We
did settle on a few including a children's book with facts about
Oregon called "B is for Beaver", an Elmo book for Ethan and Kay that
plays music, "The Boxcar Children" a chapter book for Javi that we can
read together (one of my fav's as a child) and a "How to Draw" book
for Javi. We had a great day.

Today we are going to attempt to BBQ, if the weather cooperates. It's
a 60% chance of rain, so it's questionable. I am making Mexican for
the family. Carne asada, refried beans, and rice. I've been marinating
meat, but it may be an indoor cook out.

Happy Memorial Day! Be sure to give a little thanks to all those men
and women who lost their lives for our freedom. Today, we light up our
BBQ's in their honor.


JSmith5780 said...

I LOVED "The Boxcar Children" as a kid, too! I had my mom's copies of the books... black and white images that her and her sister used to color in!

Hope you are all feeling better!

~Mama Skates~ said...

i LOVE people watching! ~wink~ it sounds like u guys r having a great time - sickies & all...i'm sure javi is super excited about his surprises - jaden LOVES how-to-draw books!

baby trevor's mommy said...

and I'm scared of heights! Terrified actually! *grin*

But it sounds like you're having fun...and feeling better. *smile* Hope you got your BBQ...yum!

btw...we borrowed Cowlick from the library...grrrrrreat read!