Friday, May 16, 2008

More Milestones for Kay

Today she got up into the crawler position and held it for about two minutes. She did the "bouncy bootie" thing, but didn't actually crawl anywhere. It's only a matter of time. I will have to have my camera ready at all times. I am actually hoping she waits until we get back from Bend. One, so daddy can see her and two because their house isn't child proof and they have two kitties that each outweigh Kaylee by 10 lbs! They are huge! I picked one up on my last visit and nearly hurt my back. At the time they both outweighed Ethan at age 2!

I am hoping that she will not have any issues walking. She is very bow legged and she has a genetic abnormality called "curling". Her toes curl sideways, almost looks like a few of her toes and pinky are broken. She tends to "monkey toe" everything (grip things with her toes), which is even easier for her to do with the curled toes. The doctor said that over time, the joints may straighten out a little and we could always get her ortho shoes. Ethan and Mark also have them, but her joints are the most curled. She will probably never be a hand model or a pianist, but it doesn't hurt her and she manages fine.


baby trevor's mommy said...

lol...and she's SO cute!

Trevy is VERY bow legged too...and was having lots of issues walking. His feet curl side-ways...and he was constantly tripping.

We finally went & bought a pair of Stride-rites...and honestly it has helped Trevor A LOT! He's pretty much lived in them for the past month...and now he can be bare-footed and walk about 10-15 steps before falling!

At his PT this week...she told us to get a scrip for shoe *cookies* too. I have no idea what they are yet...but I guess they fit into his shoe & help with the curling?'s good news that she's figuring out the pulling up! I think that's the most amazing part...our babies don't let it get to them...they just figure out a way to work it out!

sorry so long!


Shanna Grimes said...

I wonder if the bow legged thing is from the development they lost when they were on ACTH. Kay was pretty much lethargic when she was on it. She didn't get tummy time or jumpy time for those two months. We also have hip dysplasia in the familiy too, so that has always been a question. They keep checking her for it and so far, so good.

Yes, Kay is the same way. I always have to straighten her feet and toes when she stands. I will have to check in to the stride rites. My sis had orthos because she was a tip toe walker, my hubby had braces for hips, but nothing ever stopped them from walking. In fact, they were both early walkers. It's amazing the power of child's will.

That is awesome that he is able to walk so well with everything going on. It's just amazing! I am so proud of him as I am sure you are too!

We missed PT all this week with all the illness, but she will be happy with all the milestones Kay has met this week.

Ugh, I just want to get over this!!! I am so tired of coughing and feeling poopy. I am a good nurse, but a bad patient.

Shanna Grimes said...

Ha ha, my comment is even longer!! You don't ever have to apologize for length. I like reading novels! *wink*

baby trevor's mommy said... now I'm subscribed!

I was wondering the same thing about ACTH? Trev's my only one with leg issues? But the pedi says it's very common...sooooo who knows?

The StrideRites are expensive...but really really help with balance. We bought the high top kind for ankle support. The only bummer is they only come in white!

His right foot still curls a lot...I'll tell ya how the *cookie* works with that...

love you sweets...