Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bend Trip

Since I have had a couple of questions about Bend, I thought I would post about it.  Mark's parents live in Bend, OR.  They moved there about six or seven years ago, I think.  Mark has never been up there, but we are hoping that we can all go for a trip sometime soon.  His work schedule is just crazy, so it's hard for him to take a vacation.  So far, the only vacation he has had is for his illness, kid's illness and babies being born.  There isn't much time left after that, I'm afraid.

This is our second trip there.  I went two summers ago with Ethan. Here is a pic from our last trip. It was at a park near downtown Bend. GG and Ethan were getting a closer look at the ducks.

Kaylee has never been there.  We were waiting until she got a little better to take a trip there.  Mark's Grandmother Von also live in Bend, so she has never met Kaylee before.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone and getting the chance to take it easy and just relax.  I am just taking the little ones this trip since I am going solo.  I can't handle all three on the plane alone and Javi is looking forward to visiting with his Nana (his Dad's mom) while we are away.  When we talked about it, he said he wanted to stay here.  Javi is still in school too, so it's more crucial that he not miss any more school than it is for Ethan to miss.  It worked out for the best because Javi would want a structured activity every day and we are just going there to visit and relax. Although, Javi would be in hog heaven with the amount of video games Grandpa Jim has.  They have a Wii, xBox and tons of computer games. 

Mark's parents do come to visit us every year in November.  It's a little bit easier for them to come this way then the opposite because of the kids and Mark's work.  Mark also has other family that live here, so they come to visit all of us when they come.

We had to ship car seats and diapers.  I have to take baby blankets, playpens, booster seats, toys along with our clothes and other necessities, so it's a lot to manage on a trip with little ones.  Well worth the trouble though.  We enjoy our time with GG, GV and Grandpa Jim!


~Mama Skates~ said...

wow, that does sound daunting! props to u woman! good luck & have a safe trip!

Shanna Grimes said...

Thanks! I just hope we are all well by then. Flying stinks when you are sick.