Friday, April 11, 2008

The Juice Man

I got Mark a new toy today. I bought him a new juicer. We have been eating well and trying to be more healthy, so I thought it was the next logical thing to have in our health arsenal. Mark is so excited about using it. Whenever he gets a new toy he always researches it to death. He has to know absolutely everything about it. The specs, what it can do, what others have done with it, how to mod it, how much time he can save by this fabulous new device and just about anything else you probably wouldn't even think about, Mark would research it. It's too funny.

Well, we can't wait to try out our new juicer in the morning. We were too full after dinner to try it. By this time tomorrow, we'll be doing one handed push ups and growing scary eye brows!


Christopher Humphries said...

Heh, I do the same thing with researching new things to deal. It must be a geek thing ;) Natural curiosity FTW!

Never actually known anyone that had a juicer and used it more than once, so would be interested what you guys think. It's expensive and you lose all the fiber, has always been my opinion... yet it's just an uneducated opinion.

Shanna Grimes said...

Well, one down. We used it this morning and we are going to use it again tonight. We really enjoyed the juice that it made. We had an apple & cucmber juice.

Mark is really excited about the juicer, so I know it will get used often, at least until he looses interest in cleaning it up :)

You actually poop out the fiber anyway, since your body is a natural juicer. You are just giving it less to process by eliminating the "pulp". You actually get more nutrients from the peel and the rind. Those parts would normally be thrown out and the juicer liquifies it. So it's a win-win situation drinking juice. Less to process and more nutrients.

Juicer, FTW!!!

baby trevor's mommy said... poop it out? did you seriously say that? LOL!

the only people I've ever known w/juicers are...ummmm...really not all that healthy!

But I must admit apple & cucumber sounds yum!


~Mama Skates~ said...

i admit, i almost dial the number and order one of these every time i see the infomercial....but i've heard the same thing, u use it for a while after u first get it & then slowly lose interest....u guys still juicing?